What if the world were to come to an end today? I don't think most people are really afraid of the end of the world. They are more afraid of death than the end of the world. I guess the end of the world also means death for everyone. Some years ago, the world came to a stop after the earthquake that sparked the Tsunami. Those who went through that disaster said it felt like the end of the world. Their world has never been the same since that tragedy. What if that Tsunami were to be a global disaster? More than 200 thousand people died during the Tsunami. The figures will be staggering if that were to happen in every country with coastal lines.

If you believe in what the bible say about the end of the world, you will know that God destroyed the wicked and only saved 8 people. How did that happen? God flooded the earth with non-stop rain for weeks. The waters rose to the top of the mountains and those who didn't get into the boat that God ordered his servants Noah to build drowned. What if God were to decide to destroy the world in the same way? We now have boats and more people will probably survive. However, there will not be enough food to feed everyone because we will not be properly prepared. Can you imagine what people would do when food starts to run low on a ship? Anarchy will break out.

If you remember what took place when Hurricane Katrina blew sea water into New Orleans leaving death and destruction in its wake. People just lost their natural inhibitions and took to shooting, raping, looting and general chaos followed. The world came to an end as it took months before the waters receded. Years later, the reconstruction is still going on.

What about the Maya theory about 2012? Will the world come to an end in the year 2012? That will not be the first time people have predicted the end of the world. Before the year 2000, people also thought the world would come to an end, but 10 year, we are still here. The world might come to an end even before 2012.

If you were to analyze the use of the words, "end of the world", you will notice it is about people and civilization.

The roman world and empire came to an end but the earth is still here. We are now under the American empire. People have said that the world changed and became a more dangerous place since September 11. Everyone is now chasing an invisible enemy. We are our worst enemy but we just don't know if yet.

Will the world or the earth ever come to an end? NO

Will God ever destroy again people he considered wicked? Yes, he did it in the past!

Will the earth ever be destroyed by humans? No

How do we know the earth will never be destroyed by humans? We don't know, we just hope. Maybe God will not allow some lunatic to press the wrong button and wipe us all off the surface of the earth.

One day the world will come to an end, we just don't know how or when. Fingers crossed!