Ending a friendship is never fun. Some friendships simply fade away naturally over time, whereas others end quite abruptly, often in a fight. No matter what, ending a friendship is never easy. Below you'll find some tips about how to make the experience at least somewhat less traumatic for both you and your friend.

If ending a friendship has become necessary because a friend has badly (and deliberately) hurt you, you have choices. For instance, you can let the friendship gradually drift to an end in a passive manner by not taking and not returning the individual's phone calls, text messages, emails, etc.

Or you can take the more direct approach by calling the person out on their bad behavior. Just be prepared, as your "callout" may lead to a big argument that may or may not end well for both or either of you.

The approach you decide to take really depends upon two key factors: your personality and your goals for the friendship in question. Ask yourself: Do you really want the friendship to end permanently? Or do you just need a breather from this particular friend? Also: Do you despise confrontation, or are you perfectly at ease with the idea of confronting people on their bad behavior.

Sleep on it! A decision to end a friendship is a major one, to say the least. Don't say something in the heat of anger that you may come to regret later. Hold your tongue; count to one hundred and take a full 24 hours (or longer) to reach a decision.

Keep in mind that some troubled friendships are worth saving! Ending a friendship is emotionally complicated. If you happen to have more good than bad memories of your relationship, and if the person has lots of personality traits you still enjoy a great deal, please think long and hard before making a final decision about whether or not to end the friendship.

Even if you are not a big fan of confronting people, it is sometimes necessary for you to do so in order to clear the air between the two of you. You might find that "hashing it out" is precisely what the two of you need to save the friendship.