Endomorphic Body Types

  There are three basic body types - with plenty of subtypes in between - but for clarity's sake, we'll stick with the three basic ones.  The ideal, of course, is the ectomorph.  This is the long, skinny, lean type.  A person with an ectomorphic body type is the one who can consume cheesecake, steak, baked potato loaded with butter and sour cream, and a salad topped with bacon bits (real) and crunchy croutons - in whatever order he or she chooses - each and every day, and still wear a size four.  This is the woman who is always asked, "How do you do it?  How do you eat steak and cheesecake each day and stay so thin?".  She does it through luck....and genetics.  Her metabolism burns fat and calories at twice the speed of sound.  Then there's the mesomorphic body type.  This is the muscular body type, Mr. Atlas and Jack LaLane rolled into one. Of course a mesomorph can also be lean and muscular, too.  These are the women and men who are jogging each morning for half an hour before going to work.  The ones on the swim teams, who play tennis and badminton and football.  They always look young, fresh, and healthy.  And finally, we get to my body type - the endomorphic body type.  This is the one where fat comes in to play.  You'll notice fat was not mentioned in the previous body types?  That's because it was all saved for this body type.

  We endomorph body types are the fat retainers, the big boned people, yet with shorter extremities.  (Think arms and legs!). The ones with slow metabolisms who, no matter how little we eat, gain weight, and gain it in all the wrong places, especially those of us endomorph women.  We have the big butts and hips and thighs.  The round fat abdomens.  Not all endomorphs are overweight, just bigger in some parts than others.  And they do store more fat than any other body type.  Processed and refined carbohydrates and all those other things that make food taste wonderful turn into fat almost immediately in our bodies.  Even the smell of food causes fat to appear in our bodies!  This is so unfair!  I'm envious of all those mesomorphs and ectomorphs in their skinny leggings and jeans.  With curves in just the right places.  Women who can put on a pair of jeans and have them fit perfectly all over, rather than struggle to get a pair up over big hips only to find it sags around the waist.   I've got the pear shaped endomorphic body type, which gives me  larger than life hips.  This makes all pants - not just jeans - a problem to wear.  It also means I'm resigned to a lifetime of exercise to make sure my large hips don't mass produce.  While it doesn't get rid of the larger bones I inherited, it does help keep my hips down to the minimum they'll go.   At least the places where female endomorphs have fat - the hips, butt and thighs - are healthier places than men who have those heart bad love handles around their abdomens! 


  The good news for endomorph women is that we are the ones known as the soft, sensual types.  We have those curvy figures - as long as we maintain them.  We're the Madonnas in Raphael's  paintings.  The Sophia Lorens.  Which can make an endomorph body almost desirable.  We are also the Rosanne Barrs.  It just depends on how well we take care of ourselves, and also, if there are some aspects of the ectomorphs and mesomorphs tossed in our bodies.   It doesn't need to be a lose-lose body type, except for needing to lose the extra fat! 

  So, I exercise and try to eat right.  For excitement, I turn to those things that a trimmed down body brings me, like dates and going out to clubs.  A fat restricted diet is a small price to pay for having fun.