Starting the beginning signs of aging can be an difficult adjustment. We envision that we'll never get old and we will endeavor forever a young looking appearance. It's heartbreaking when we find out we're mortal, though, isn't it? Even at ages 30, or younger we might start seeing the signs of aging. Endoscopic facelift surgery is a new cosmetic surgery that's out on the market to help reduce the signs of aging. Endoscopic facelifts are suppose to be safer, less painful, and not as intense as traditional full facelifts. What should you expect? Well, endoscopic facelifts aren't for those looking for an entire facial makeover. It's a surgical procedure that focuses on specific areas of aging, rather than the entire face like standard facelifts. There are a few things to consider before you get any kind of facelifts. The costs, the side effects, and whether or not you're eligible for facelift surgery. Outweighing the pros and cons of face lift surgery and deciding if its the best thing for you. Maybe there are even alternatives that doesn't require surgery that will gain back some of your youth.

What does Endoscopic Facelift Surgery do?

If you're familiar with mini face lifts, or "one hour face lifts" then basically that is what endoscopic facelift surgery is. Although endoscopes aren't always necessarily used, they usually are for mini face lifts. It's a surgical procedure that focuses on specific areas of the face rather than the entire face like standard facelifts. Small incisions are applied to the face to maybe remove fatty tissue and restructure facial muscle to help compliment the rest of your facial features. An endoscope lens is used and planted into your skin so the surgeon can visibly see on a TV screen while operating. Endoscopic surgery can be a way to remove small frown lines, along with lines around the eyes, mouth, and nose. If you've developed some sagging skin around your cheeks and face the small incisions are made to remove fat tissue.

The minor incisions made around the face will provide just a few stitches. Not a real dramatic or painful surgery. An endoscopic facelift procedure takes about an hour or two. It's a very brief facelift surgery that's suppose to prevent or minimize the chance of scarring. Another plus about endoscopic surgery is that a procedure can be done in all areas of the face. Patients can go home after the procedure. The bad part about this procedure is that the effects probably won't last nearly as long as standard face lifts. Maybe 2 to 3 years for minimum results. If you have a really good plastic surgeon then maybe longer. It's really hard to tell since it's a rather new surgical procedure to help minimize some of the effects of aging. So how well it really works is still yet to be determine.

Is Endoscopic Facelift Surgery for me?

You'll need to be examine by a plastic surgeon to know for sure. Sometimes botox, or home remedies might be needed instead to reduce some wrinkles that are beginning to develop. If you're 22 for example, and have a few lines around the face, then I'd probably look for alternatives and highly doubt endoscopic surgery would be required at this point in your life. Maybe just a change in diets, or quit smoking if you're a nicotine addict.

Endoscopic facelift surgery is for those who need small facelifts for particular places on their face that are beginning to show the signs of aging. Surgery includes just small incisions to the cheeks that reduce jowls or sagging skin. Or surgery to the forehead, around the nose, chin, or wherever else you're experiencing minor aging signs. Most people who are in their 30's, or 40's who are experiencing the beginning of aging effects are candidates for endoscopic facelift surgery. You'll need to be physically healthy to qualify for facelift surgery, similar to standard facelifts.

Endoscopic Facelift Side Effects

Endoscopic facelift side effects aren't as bad as full standard facelift side effects. You might experience minor bruising and stitches. There isn't excess bleeding or other potential and intense side effects like standard facelifts. It's suppose to be a much safer and nearly a risk free procedure. There's very little chance of scarring, or scarring that's basically invisible to the naked eye. An incision usually is made where its not visible for others to see. The risks are less severe and the costs aren't nearly as high as standard facelifts.

Is Endoscopic Facelifts the only way to reduce Anti-Aging?

No. Getting a endoscopic facelift isn't the only way to help reverse the effects of aging. I am a full believer in the traditional way of diets, exercises, and healthy supplements in helping to get a younger appearance. I am a full believer that you can get a facelift and reverse the effects of aging with organic products and exercises. Not to say one way is a guarantee to achieving the results that you're looking for. Sometimes age has caught up to us and completely reversing aging effects will be impossible no matter what you do as you continue to age. Maybe facelift surgery is the only way to completely reverse aging effects to this point, or prolong your youthful appearance that you covet. We're all going to get old at some point and we'll have to deal with wrinkles, sagging skin, and other aging effects. None of us can live forever.

Even though endoscopic facelift surgery isn't as high of a risk, there are still some risks that are involved. Anytime someone takes a knife and cuts you open, there is no guarantee what will happen next. So consider your alternatives first and do research.