LED technology is enhancing the way we light our homes and think about energy efficiency.  To that end, there is more to the LED revolution than simply bulbs.  LED bulbs and technology are finding their way into a wide array of fun and functional gadgets that make perfect gifts.  Use them around the house or give them to family and friends, but these LED gadgets are an eclectic mix of interesting items.

USB Lava Lamp

These lava lamps fueled by LED technology make the perfect night light for evenings surfing the internet.  The lamp plugs into the computers USB port for convenient use.  Since LED technology is designed to be energy efficient, this little lava lamp if far more eco-friendly to use than a lamp lit by incandescent light bulbs.

Flameless LED Candles

Activate by a switch, these flameless candles are easy to operate and do not require an electrical outlet to deliver the perfect ambience.  You’ll never have to worry about whether you blew out the candles either.  These flameless candles are safe and ideal for any setting you typically use a candle. 

LED Cycle Bike Light

You’ll get thousands of hours of use from these LED bulbs that will light the way along your cycling path.  The bike light is ideal for children or adults and is an affordable safety gadget.  The bike light’s bulb typically comes as a bright white light and is battery operated.  Lightweight models attach easily to the bike’s front handlebars where they are easy to use and shed a safe pathway of light.

Solar Powered LED Garden Orbs

Solar-powered garden orbs come in waterproof models that can be placed to float in lakes or hung from trees.  The solar orbs gather solar energy throughout the day and then provide their delightful orb of light at night.  Hang them on the patio or place in a focal point water feature for added attraction.

LED Planters

LED planters are completely lit with glowing LED technology.  The planters double as a plant container but also a garden lighting feature.  They can be placed near doorways, the garage, or on patios and decks for added light.  They make a great gift for any gardener and look great anywhere they appear on the landscape. 

LED Umbrella

LED umbrellas are lit along their outer ribs to help light the way on dark and dreary days.  The ideal gift for bus and train commuters, these umbrellas are always a hit with children, too!  LED lighting is a dependable and energy-efficient type of lighting solution.  Moreover, these look amazing and will be sure to turn plenty of heads.

Glowing Moonlight Cushions

These LED powered cushion lights will help you create an ambient mood.  Simply turn off the incandescent lamps and hit the cushion once to turn on the LED display.  You can rest with the cushion while enjoying its light show.  Then, simply tap the pillow to turn it off again.  Popular with teens and college students, these LED cushions make extraordinary gifts. 

LED gadgets are not only fun, but useful, too.  The lighting features are effective lighting options that allow users to enjoy their energy saving features  over less efficient options.  Whether gifts or items for around the house, these features are both convenient to use and affordable.