Energy conservation is a key concern globally; in view of the prevailing energy crises and frequent breakdown, many countries’ people experience, it is particularly important for us to explore power efficient home design.

Energy efficient homes are those that maintain comfortable living conditions for people while minimizing the consumption, cost and waste energy used to heat, cool and light the space.

While houses in many countries of the world could really benefit from such concept, adoption and implementation of this practice is largely ignored.

Developed countries, on other hand, have created a system whereby residential properties are given an Energy Performance certificate (EPC) which assesses how eco-friendly the house is.

The following principles of issuing an EPC can be applied to the real estate market of the countries where EPC is implemented:

  • An EPC should be issued by an independent assessing authority comprising architects, building consultants and civil engineers who conduct a thorough examination of the property.
  • Elements such as insulation, glazing material, provision of skylights, quality of building materials, architectural design, heating, cooling and ducting systems should be considered while inspecting the property.
  • After the inspection, the property should be rated on a scale of one to 10, with one being the most energy efficient, 10 being the least energy efficient.
  • The energy proficient rating can impact the value of property. The lower the rating, the higher will be the value of the house.
  • The assessing authority can also provide the owner of the property with suggestions on making the structure more eco-friendly.
  • Every owner interested in selling their property should acquire an EPC from the relevant assessing authorities prior to putting the property on the market. In turn, a potential buyer may inquire about the EPC before finalizing the deal. This will create the awareness to the people to make the house energy proficient. It will not only save the assets of the country to be wasted but also people could care more about the energy usage. This system can work very well for the nations suffering from energy crises.
  • To implement this rule, there is need of a lot of planning. It should be implemented in all states of the country. After setting up this system, it should be made compulsory to have EPC before selling/buying of any property.
  • It can also be implemented to large factories and industries. By doing so, the load on national electricity grid will be fall down drastically. It would be beneficial for the country by itself.