Green Building Suggestions to Save Money and Energy

Saving Energy Saves Money

Energy Saving Tips for Going Green

Going green plays a major role in saving our environment and protecting Mother Nature. This is the reason why many people who are concerned about the environment are researching ways on how to do their part for the environment.  On the other hand, going green is not all about the environment because it also involves energy. In this sense, it is recommended to think about energy use from outside as well as inside your house.

•    Outside
Does it ever cross your mind that your roof can help in saving energy?  Yes, it is possible. The material used for the roof plays major role in cutting the energy consumption. Therefore, you should use roofing materials that reduce the necessity of using air conditioning as well as heating inside your house.
One energy-efficient option is painted aluminum roofing.  It is especially efficient because the surface on its underside as extremely low emissivity and is excellent at blocking heat. Moreover, it is non-combustible, extremely lightweight, durable and made of recycled materials.
Another energy saving (and cost-saving) solution is using insulation in your roof. The good thing about roof insulaEnergy_Saving_Tips_For_Going_Greention is that it serves two goals-- retaining the heat inside the house during colder months, and reducing the incoming heat in the summer.
•    Middle
Installing solar panels is a form of green technology that can help in reducing the energy costs in your home as well. The solar panels collect the sunlight and convert it into energy that can power your home. Although you need to invest the initial costs of the installation, solar panels will substantially reduce your energy costs in the long run.
Additionally, insulating the ducts in your house can also save energy. This is because when the ducts are not properly insulated, up to 60% of the heated air is lost. You should hire a professional to do the repair and insulation of the ducts.

•    Inside
Finally, in your home you can do your part of reducing energy demands by your choice of lighting. Using CFL type light bulbs is a great start. Compact fluorescent lamps were designed as an energy-saving replacement for incandescent lamps, and many of them fit into the same fixtures. CFLs use about 1/5 of the energy of incandescent lights and last up to 10 times longer!

It is important that all households take action in building green communities. Saving energy is one way of saving the environment. Using solutions like these will surely cut your energy consumption costs, allowing you to go greener for the sake of the environment as well as your pocketbook.