It seems these days that everyone needs more energy. Supplement companies are here to fulfill that need. I would guess that there are hundreds of energy supplements on the market. There are pills, powders, drinks, sublingual tablets, and a myriad of other things that claim to give us more energy. If you include fat burning supplements, you may get into the thousands. So what is the best? Well, it's impossible to say what one product is the best. Everyone is very different. Person A loves 5 hour energy, person B thinks it does nothing. So it's impossible to say what is best. There are however, ingredients in those products that are proven to work.


Caffeine is in everything. Caffeine is the most proven and effective energy enhancing compound on the market today. 95% of all the popular energy products contain caffeine in one form or another. It's not unusual to see caffeine in several different forms in one product.

The benefits of caffeine would fill up a novel. A few of the benefits are increased endurance and cognitive function. Caffeine laden energy supplements have been used by millions of people and for the most part, with good results. Be wary of too much caffeine. It's just like anything else, you can get too much. This can lead to caffeine withdrawals which come with terrible headaches. The "crash" is associated with energy products that have lots of caffeine. For a while you feel great, but when the caffeine wears off, you feel terrible.


Other Natural Supplements

Compounds like green tea, synephrine, tyrosine and various other amino acids, B vitamins, chocamine, and ginseng are all products that deliver an energy boost when taken. You will find refers to the B-vitamins, ginseng, green tea extract, chocamine, and synephrine. You will often find these products formulated together in energy and fat burning supplements.


Use of Energy Supplements

It is probably wise not to take energy supplements consistently for a long period of time. If taken for too long, you run the risk of caffeine withdrawal, sluggish adrenal gland function, and insomnia. As mentioned earlier, a tolerance will vary from one person to the next, so it is best that one observes their own response over time. A good rule of thumb is to keep track of how you feel when you are taking the suggested dose. If you feel like the dose doesn't do as much for you as it used to, the energy is not the same, discontinue use for a period of time.


Side Effects

Some users may notice "the jitters", which is hard to explain. You will know it when it happens. It probably means that the energy supplement was a little too strong for you and you may have to cut back next time. Also, an elevated heart rate and blood pressure is a potential side effect. Again, if that is too much for you, cut back on your dose. Other side effects include an increase in body temperature and increased sweating. Also, do not take these supplements before bed. You could have problems sleeping. Insomnia or quality of sleep are common problems with taking energy products too late in the day.