Once you have found the girl of your dreams, how do you go about picking out an engagement ring? How big should the diamond be? What cut? What kind metal should the band be? Where are the best deals?

When looking for a ring the internet is a great tool to begin your search. Do not go to jewelry store websites. Instead search for ring manufactures. There are a ton of them out there. Once you find a style, brand or type you like stop searching the internet. Do not but a ring on the internet even if it from a reputable company. The reason why is just like everything else it looks different in person.

Like I said once you have an idea of what type of ring you like go to your local jewelry store. I went to a mom and pop store and was very satisfied with not only their service, but also the price. If the jewelry store does not carry the brand of ring you like, they will order it for you. This should not cost you any money. The overhead cost on a jewelry store is fairly high, so one more ring in stock does not make or break a store. Besides, in most instances they have about a week of float time before the store has to pay for the ring, so they have some float time to let you decide if you like it. If not they will simply send it back.

Buying a ring is just like buying a car. Don’t pay sticker price. Just haggle a little bit. One thing I should say is when you walk into a store the one of the first questions they will have for you after they have determined that you shopping for an engagement ring is, what is the budget? I would stay away from giving a range. Instead just give a firm number. Most jewelers work on commission, so they will push towards the top of any range you give them. They really aren’t out to save you any money. I got suckered into that trap.

Now that you have a setting picked out it is time for the diamond. Make sure that the jeweler explains the 5 C’s of a diamond. You can read about them in another upcoming article of mine. When picking a diamond don’t worry about going to the absolute perfect end of the scale because it will cost you a fortune, and once you get past about the middle of the scale it is very hard to see any difference with the naked eye. Diamonds are a product of nature so they are inherently not perfect.  One of the biggest decisions when picking a diamond is the shape or cut of the diamond. I as a guy was indifferent to the type of cut of the diamond, but I know my fiancé was rather particular. It isn’t a bad idea in the weeks, or even months leading up to the purchase/proposal to casually find out what she is looking for in a ring.

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