Did you ever wonder what an engine crane was and why you should buy one? Engine cranes are machines designed for lifting and lowering a heavy load using a lifting hook and chains. You should buy an engine crane for sale for a few different reasons.

The most important reason to consider the purchase of a crane is the safety and convenience it provides to the operator. You will have the ability to lift and lower heavy or large objects such as an automotive engine easily and quickly. Most often used in the automotive setting, the machines are designed to help a mechanic remove and repair or replace a motor in a car or truck. Two legs support the weight and roll under the automobile. The bar or boom with a lifting hook extends over the engine compartment. Once the engine is attached to the boom, the hydraulic pump on the craned lifts it up. This process is reversed to reinstall the motor.

The machine does all the lifting labor for you. You won't be putting any strain on your back and it will also hold the engine safely suspended so you can make the necessary repairs. Once the engine is properly attached to the machine it will not slip, slide, or drop to the surface below. The floor, motor, and automobile will not be damaged in any way. You will also eliminate the possibility of injury to yourself. By removing the strain of heavy lifting, you will be able to work longer, be less tired, and work smarter.

Engine cranes for sale today will likely come with many options and features that are designed to make the process more convenient. The most important buying decision is the size and weight capacity of the machine. You will probably want to consider a two or three ton engine crane. A two ton crane can lift up to 4000 pounds and a 3 ton crane can safely lift up to 6000 pounds. You can also choose a stationary model or a model that can be taken apart or folded for easy storage when not in use. Stationary units tend to be larger and heavier. Casters are standard for all units, but the sizes do vary some. Larger casters roll easier over uneven surfaces. Hydraulic pumps raise and lower the boom and you can choose a unit with one or two operating speeds. Another modern feature you should consider is a machine containing an outrigger boom that swings 90° to the side and an extra supporting leg for stability. The booms can telescope out and have several positions making it easier to maneuver the engine in and out of the vehicle.

Regardless of which type or style of engine crane for sale you choose to buy, you will be making a wise investment in the future of your business and of your own personal health. Why risk injury to yourself or thousands of dollars of damage if an expensive engine were to fall when all you need is one of these highly convenient and efficient machines.