Solid Hardwood Floors vs Engineered Hardwood Floor

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors look nice and elegant in homes. The natural beauty of hardwood further adds to the exotic and soothing room ambiance. If you opt for this type of flooring for your home, then take note that there are different types of hardwood products to choose from. Two most dominate types are the authentic hardwood floors and the laminate hardwood flooring.

Engineered or Solid Hardwood Floor

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Genuine Hardwood Floor versus Laminate Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring for Homes

Choosing between these two different types of flooring is quite easy. If budget is not a problem at your end, the most recommended type is obviously the genuine hardwood flooring. The entire flooring is completely hardwood that is very strong and durable.

But this also comes with expensive price. Despite its numerous advantages and benefits, genuine hardwood has few disadvantages as well. It is not resistant to water, as with any other wood. Therefore, exposure to water must be minimized as much as possible. Any water spill must be immediately wiped off to avoid damaging the floor.

Laminate flooring, on the other hand, looks almost the same as the genuine hardwood. In fact, lay people can hardly differentiate between the two types of flooring. The main difference lies in the total composition of the flooring. In this case, the flooring only has hardwood finish. Beneath the exterior layer, the components are no longer authentic hardwood but plywood in crisscross pattern.

One awesome advantage of laminate floor is the exterior coating, which has undergone a highly-pressurized aluminum oxide coating with sealed wax edges. The coating completely seals off the hardwood from the harshness of the room environment and the tough usage of the floor. This makes the flooring more resistant to water compared to genuine hardwood.

Aside from that, laminate hardwood also have better tolerance against scratches. This is also attributed to the quite strong and thick external coating. The same also holds true to staining. Ink and wine stains are minimal with laminate flooring compared to genuine hard wood. Stains can be easily wiped off using a clean cloth. This is rarely applicable to authentic hard wood where stains are immediately absorbed, making it permanent.  In this case, sanding the floor is a great option to remove stains.

Either way, both types of floors are perfect for residential homes and in business and commercial settings. They may look almost exactly the same, but they differ largely when it comes to various aspects as discussed above. The perfect choice between genuine hard wood floors and laminate hardwood flooring depends on what is well suited in your case, based on your personal preferences and financial capacity.