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Warwick Castle England

Warwick Castle is located in the town of Warwick on a stone bluff near the River Avon.  Originally the castle was build by William the Conqueror in 1068.  The castle is often refered to as Englands Premier Castle and is one of the most impressive places to visit while taking an English vacation.

The town of Warwickshire is just a mere 15 minute car ride away from Stratford Upon Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespear, and the two should be viewed when you are in the neighborhood.

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How Much Does it Cost

The key to getting the best deal possible is determining an exact date/time to arrive.  There are many options for tickets and the prices vary greatly and can be viewed at www.warwick-castle.com

The following ticket prices include Merlin: Dragon Tower and Castle Dungeon premium tours and must be booked at a specific date/time.

Tickets purchased at the gate in Pounds:

Adult 30.60

Child 25.80

2 Days in advance purchase:

Adult 26.01

Child 21.93

7+ Days in advance purchase:

Adult 18.06

Child 13.86

If you don’t want to be locked into a date time you can purchase anytime tickets as I did but they do NOT come with the premium tours listed above.

Open Dated Tickets:

Adult 22.80

Child 15.60

Warwick Castle Guy's Tower

Castle Warwick Towers

Guy's Tower

Guy’s Tower was built in the 14th century and is the first tower you see as you enter the castle grounds.  It stands 127 feet tall and has five stories. It has a central stone vaulted chamber with two small side rooms, a toilet, and a bedchamber.  The fifth story is a guardroom.

Ceasar's Tower

The tallest tower at the castle stands at over 160 feet and comprises of three stories not including The Gaol.  Breathtaking views can be had atop this example of military architecture.

Bear & Clarence Towers

The two smaller towers are the remains of the tower house which Richard of Gloucester started to build in 1478 but by 1485 the building stopped as Richard was killed at Bosworth.  The Clarence Tower was known as the Royal Keep and had wells and backing ovens.

The Gaol

The lowest chambers of Caesar’s Tower is the Gaol, a place where wretched prisoners were stored in a dank dark chamber with only a small windows high on the wall with a tiny window with bars where a guard could observe.

Castle Waterwheel and Trebuchet

Shows and Entertainment

Birds of Prey:

A highlight of my visit and a jaw dropping experience where enormous birds with wingspans of 4 feet or greater would fly just inches in some cases above the heads of onlookers.  The cast of birds included a Golden Eagle, American Bald Eagle and a few others. 

They would have the eagles buzz the crowd and then fly upon high soaring in the sky above the castle.  Small birds would follow the eagles as they apparently enjoy flying in formation with the 747s of the bird world. 

After a while the trainer would hold food above his head and the eagle would swoop down and receive his reward while perched upon the trainer’s leather glove.

The Castle Dungeon:

The Castle Dungeon dates back to 1345 when Warwick with cursed with the plague.  Through 10 rooms, adventures will meet characters such as the torturer who describes implements used for torture, a castle cook who talks of interesting ingredients and a Judge waiting to sentence the accused to the dungeon.  New is the tail of Moll Bloxham, an accused witch in the 1700’s.

Merlin: The Dragon Tower:

Merlin: The Dragon Tower is the first ever interactive experience inspired by a popular hit show on BBC.  You will see a wax figure of Merlin, followed by a journey into the Castle where you will find a magical mirror and get the chance to speak to The Great Dragon.

Military Training:

The youngsters will be able to participate in military training and learn the commands that the soldiers used during medieval combat along with some attack moves via wooden poles that are pretend spears.  The show also includes an archery demonstration of the English Longbow.

Warwick Castle History

Warwick Castle and its Earls: Volume 1
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Young American Bald Eagle
Birds of Prey

Castle Grounds

The grounds are host to some breath taking views and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Beautiful gardens include the Peacock Garden and the Victorian Rose Garden.  Peacocks roam the grounds of the castle freely and you can hear them throughout the visit.

The mound is one of the oldest parts of Warwick Castle and was first build in 1068.  It was formed as part of the Norman castle’s defense system.  It is the perfect vantage point for defending against marauding troops but today is used for taking in the beautiful views and it is said you can see all the way to Stratford Upon Avon.

The Mound

Siege Weapons

The castle is home to two very impressive siege weapons in the Ballista and the Trebuchet.

The Balista:

The Ballista is a non-working replica but is very impressive none the less, it would shoot a massive heavy bolt the size of a large spear through hordes of invaders.

The Trebuchet:

The Trebuchet is an actual working weapon and has been fired no less than 6,500 since its creation in 2005.  Large rocks and stones were the main ammunition but in medieval times there is evidence of manure and dead animals being hurled by the machine to spread disease.

Seige Weapons Book

Greek and Roman Siege Machinery 399 BC-AD 363 (New Vanguard)
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The Ballista