If you have a medium to large pooch, then wearing english bridle leather dog collars will make him or her look classy and regal!

As pet owners, we know just how important a good collar is.  It keeps your pet on the leash, it carries their important tags and it helps with training.  From the very beginning, your pet will have been trained with one on, and taken for fun walks with you while wearing one, so you know how important it is to have a good strong and well made collar.

You can get all kinds of nylon ones with all kinds of bling on them to dress up your pet the way you would dress up, and this looks good on the right kind of dog, usually the smaller ones.  But if you own a medium to large pet, you also know just how important control is. 

No matter how well trained your pooch is, there can be that fleeting moment on that walk in town when a squirrel, mouse or cat suddenly appears, and having to hold back a 75 pound dog, even briefly, you will find that many of these nylon collars, just don't hold up (I English Bridle Leather Dog Collarsfound this out first hand with my own pooch!).

With a medium to large dog, a good leather collar will hold up.  There are many on the market to choose from, and you can even get them custom made.  We tend to have our dogs match our personality or the their personality, and if you have a good sized larger pooch he will look classy in a well made leather collar in brown or black.

English Bridle Leather Dog Collars

You can get these in pet stores, but you can also get a good selection online at sites such as Amazon.  Many are handcrafted with strong stitching and brass rings that do not rust.  A good leather one will last a very long time. 

When choosing a dog collar, you need to measure around their neck and add enough to that measurement that would allow your fingers to fit underneath so that the collar is not too tight for your best friend.

If you get one when they are a puppy, make sure to adjust it as they grow or treat them to a new one once they have got to adulthood. 

If you have a long haired dog, then you could get a good rounded leather collar that doesn't get tangled up in their fur.  Keeping your pet well groomed, especially under their collar will stop any matting and irritation. 

Good leather collars will last a life time and get softer with use.  They have strong stitching and buckle and the brass hoop is the perfect spot for attaching your leash. 

These styles of collars give them a look of class and also the confidence to stay attached to your pooch even under stress such as when sudden movements or other animals end up in your path.  The brass ring is very well attached.

So if your dog is sporting an old nylon collar that has seen better days, why not treat him to something a bit more classy for when you are out on those walks.  These are not that expensive and look really good.   Get a good leash to go with it, and you will be styling!

Mendota English Bridle Leather Standard Collar (Size = 1 X 24")
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