Education on the English language

Joining an English writing class

English is the universal language; thus, the need for its mastery is a must. Its diverse concepts need be learned in detail so that the communication between two conversing parties could be made in an efficient and effective manner. In achieving this end, my English writing teacher has greatly contributed to my learning of the intricacies of the English language.

This English writing class under my teacher was the best class I attended so far. It was a very engaging class where everyone had the chance to interact with each other academically; thus, everyone improved intellectually at the same pace. My teacher enthusiastically elaborates on certain aspects of a lesson which I had difficulty comprehending; the assignments were excellently explained as well as the giving of lecture instructions.

Some instructions in the writing class were complicated, but my teacher took meticulous efforts to simplify these into easily comprehensible lessons. I took great interest in writing essays because I knew that my teacher grades them honestly and fairly; hence, this enabled mo to appraise my standing in class and to improve on other facets of writing in which I am not particularly good at.English Language Education

I learned a lot under my teacher's tutelage; not only academically, but also on those that pertain to life outside the portals of the academic institution. A lesson that reverberates in my mind is that we should do our best in everything that we do. I learned this particular lesson when I wasn't able to get a good grade for one of my essays; thus, I have to always do my best in every essay that I write. Eventually my perseverance paid off, I got good grades for my subsequent essays.

English writing is not at all that complex if someone is there to assist you in your endeavor to learn the English language. The right person for the job is a first-rate English writing teacher. He or she can contribute to one's personal development in terms of grammatical proficiency.