Engraved Zippos

Zippo lighters are available in countless designs that allow a user to express their unique personality. Engraved Zippos take this a step further by allowing the buyer create an engraved Zippo lighter by having names, designs, or logos etched onto their lighter. Since 1932 when the company began producing quality lighters to the present day, proud owners have used tools to create a unique engraved Zippo lighter to signify ownership or affiliations to a club. Many online stores and retailer now provide engraving free of cost with purchase and the turnaround time us usually quick. This is one of the reasons that an engraved Zippo lighter makes a great gift (especially at the last minute) and a great conversation piece.


Engraved Zippos can take a variety of forms. Most companies that sell Zippos online will offer a few font choices and can engrave names, initials or simple mottos. Sometimes they will limit the engraving to two lines or a set number of characters. Some companies will also do fancy calligraphy type letters which can look very sharp on a simple chrome, brushed chrome, brushed copper or brushed brass Zippo. Simple designed Zippos work best because then, the logo or name can be put anywhere. With lighters that come with a factory design, further etched embellishments will be limited in size and placement. Many of these retailers will also engrave logos, but most of these companies will expect a minimum order for logo engraving. Sometimes the minimum is only twenty to twenty five lighters. Many clubs, sports teams, military reunion members or biker gangs desire these logo imprints. Local jewelers or trophy makers are also great sources for putting unique imagery or names on Zippos that you may already own. Dates and names make a great way to commemorate special events and along with engraved money clips can give someone a treasured gift that will last for a lifetime.


Many companies that sell Zippos will provide basic engraving at no extra charge. A simple $20 to $25 Zippo can be greatly enhanced with some creative engraving. For others who have to pay to have a Zippo personalized, the fee is usually based on the number of characters. A minimum of $6 or $7 will guarantee most simple engraving with the cost rising from there. This small fee usually will cover around 20 characters. It is not that the company is trying to gouge you for more money, but there are limits to the number of characters that can be engraved easily and still fit properly on the Zippo housing. Logos can be substantially higher. Depending upon complexity of design and number of engraved Zippos ordered, the cost to etch can be as high as the price of the lighter itself. Still, for an unforgettable, long lasting gift the cost is not overwhelming.

An engraved Zippo lighter makes a wonderful and affordable gift and can commemorate many special occasions. It is easy to purchase and, in many cases, comes with free engraving as an option. If there is cost for the engraving it is usually minimal. If you have ever wanted to personalize a Zippo or create a design to give to that special someone, the process for ordering an engraved Zippo has never been easier. Consider engraved Zippos this holiday season or for birthdays or Father's Day.