Don't Get Confused Between Engraving and Etching

Old Engraving toolsWhat is the difference between engraving and etching. You mark the object to be etched with a corrosive substance such as acid or sand blasting in conjunction with a resist material. The resist material is used to mark out the letters or logo protecting some areas from the corrosive substance. On the other hand with engraving the object is marked mechanically. The surface of the object such as tools, leather, glass can be cut with a vibrating tip of carbide or diamond.

Cutting Into Hard Metals

These surface of the hard materials of the objects to be engraved are cut into. In years gone by the engraving of metal was done by hand by artisans with a good eye and sharp tools. Ink was pressed into the patterns cut into the printing plate. The top surface cleaned off and a press would be used to push paper into the cuts with the ink to transfer the ink to the paper. The name for that process is intaglio printing. That was in days of old but now when referring to engraving, people are meaning cutting using either an electric engraver hand tool or it could be computer programmed. Computer based engraving cutting would be CNC engraving tools.

DremelYou can buy the cheap versions of the hand engraving tools that are made in China or you can find Dremel and Inscriblio engravers. The type and model you get will be determined by the amount of engraving you want to do. If is is a quick one off job then buy the cheapest you can find. Could be that you want to identify your property with your details in case it goes missing. It is a great way to permanently put your name and phone number on your property. Not sure if it is a good idea to subject something delicate and expensive like a camera to the vibration you get from an engraver. Try using a special pen instead that has in which is only visible in UV light.

Diamond Bur Engraving Tools

You can get a set of diamond bur engraving tools for your engraver that will let you do engraving into natural substrates like tile, bone, glass and wood. These tools are excellent for grinding, sanding, carving. Long lasting tools, if you go by the manufacturers claims when used with coolant, will not last anywhere near as long if you allow them to overheat in use. You have available, an additional diamond point engraving tool with the Dremel 290 engraver. Use this point for continuous duty or commercial work. Great if you want to engrave something decoratively. You can cut into harder materials like chrome, granite and titanium. The original engraving tool that comes installed in the engraver is not so tough though. Get the diamond pointed tools for they are better for the harder materials than the carbide bits.

For engraving the company logos, bar codes and small text you could have to consider the CAD / CAM engraving machines. All you have to do is to import your designs into the engraving software as either vector or bitmap graphics. There are also specialist engraver machines that will cut directly onto cylindrical items. Certainly a good choice if exact geometrical designs are what you want to cut into your subject materials. You might also consider looking at the laser engraving options.