Home spas are wonderful additions to any home, and are guaranteed to become an oasis of relaxation. Few things are more rejuvenating than leaning back and enjoying the comforts of your own home spa. Although it might seem difficult to tear yourself away from the tub long enough to enjoy your other leisure activities, TV buffs and cinemaphiles have found that combining their hot tub experience with their favorite media can provide a luxurious and rewarding solution.

A spa entertainment system only adds to the benefits of owning a hot tub. And don't forget that a sound system and television in your back yard can also be put to good use when you're entertaining, dining al fresco or just taking pleasure in the great outdoors.

Use music to set the mood of your home spa experience

Hot Spring Wireless
An iPod or MP3 player can be easily integrated into the cabinet that surrounds and protects your home spa. When guests are over and relaxing in your home spa, the waterproof remote control will allow you to manage the volume and tone of your playlist with the simple push of a button, enabling you to completely control the tone of your home spa experience.

The incredible sound system will soon become the nucleus of your backyard parties. Mingling guests will be able to enjoy the quality of the music, and those who take a dip in the hot tub will love listening to their favorite songs while luxuriating in the warmth and comfort of your home spa.

Your wireless sound system is compatible with nearly all audio devices, ensuring that accessing your music library feels effortless. Whether you prefer Chopin or Charlie Parker, sinking deep into your home spa while listening to music has all the makings of the perfect experience.

Watch your favorite movies and shows from the comfort of your hot tub

A wireless television is the perfect addition to your hot tub. With a 17-inch flat screen TV attached to your portable home spa's cabinet, you can combine the relaxation of your hot tub with the entertainment of your living room. This is the best of both worlds. Just lean back, relax and enjoy a few of your favorite shows without having to leave your favorite spot.

Remember that the technology makes it simple for you. Your television can be synched with your cable or satellite service, and can also play DVDs. Why sit in an uncomfortable movie theater seat, when you can enjoy the latest Oscar contender from your hot tub? Imagine watching your favorite film while reveling in the warmth of your hot tub on a beautiful night as warm water soothes tired muscles and the soft bubbles gently run over your body.

The waterproof LCD TV is mounted onto a bracket that rotates up to 350 degrees. Because you can comfortably see the screen from any angle, the flexible stand will allow home spa owners to use their television whether they're luxuriating in the warmth of their hot tub or entertaining friends and family in the yard.

A place to love

Many people never want to leave the warmth and comfort of their hot tub. By exploring the different accessories available to home spa owners you will be making the most of your investment. Enhance your quality of living on a day-to-day basis by incorporating the luxurious experience into your daily routine.