Cinema Surround Sound From an Orbitsound Soundbar

If you have carefully selected your new LCD  flat panel television and set it up at home only to find that that the sound it produces is woefully inadequate, or perhaps you want to reproduce the cinematic audio experience in your living area without cluttering it with speakers, then a soundbar might well be something you should consider.

One of the main targets of the big television manufacturers has been to make the flat panel television ever slimmer, easier to mount on a wall and less obtrusive. Unfortunately, this makes it increasingly difficult to fit speakers that are adequate for the job inside the casing of the television itself. Many people use a cinema surround sound system with multiple speakers arranged around the living space. This is great if you have a large room and are able to arrange the speakers in such a way that they are not obtrusive or do not clutter the space up too much.For people who have a smaller living area and want to have the minimuEnhance Your Television Audio With an Orbitsound Soundbarm of clutter a soundbar is likely to be a much better choice.

A soundbar is an audio device that is designed to be not only extremely functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. It can sit unobtrusively underneath your television and yet enhance your entertainment experience considerably. As the name suggests, it is in the shape of a slim bar that contains a bank of very efficient speakers. Making use of microprocessors, some soundbars do much more than merely enhance audio, they can also reproduce the effect of a 5.1 or even a 7.1 cinema surround sound system.

Orbitsound is a British company founded by renowned audio electronics designer Ted Fletcher. Orbitsound Soundbars use a spatial stereo system to solve the problem of how to recreate original quality audio from a single compact speaker unit. The added bonus of this microprocessor-driven soundbar is that you get the surround sound sweet spot wherever you are in the room, whereas with a multi speaker system, the sweet spot is in one position according to how you arrange the speakers.

Coming in at under £300 and fitted with an iPod dock to transform it into a multi-purpose audio unit the Orbitsound Soundbar is a great piece of kit that easily outperforms some of the more expensive options. It comes with all the leads you need including a digital optical cable to connect it to your television. After a very easy setup, you will benefit from crisp, clear audio and cinema surround sound delivered wherever you sit in your living room.