Website  Design

Web sites are present in multitudes on the internet , but what makes you different from the others? This is what we have to focus on. In this article I will be elaborating on how adding a touch of personality by employing innovative and creative design ideas can change the way your website is perceived.

Every individual is different from the other and the thing that makes this distinction is personality. Whether we like to spend time with a person or prefer staying away from him has everything to do with the way he conducts himself, his character & behavior – personality in short. Web sites are also perceived in a similar way, the design of the site, the colors used, fonts and sizes, graphics on the site, the navigation and how the site interacts with the user are all aspects of the ‘website personality.’ And all these factors decide how a visitor to the website would respond.

This is how the personality of your web site design can influence visitors:

1. It gives you the benefit of an identity which sets you apart from the others in the market.

2. You can use personality to stimulate an emotional response that can pave the way for along-lasting memory of your brand.

3. Personality attracts those who get you and intimidates those who don’t.

4. Personality captivates users, who will become the most powerful marketing channel for your brand.

So adding a hint of personality and implementing it in the right way will fetch you better response on your website.

Now let us consider how to increase the traffic to your website. In order to perform well, a sustained flow of quality traffic is essential.

Here’s how you can maintain the same:

• Use keywords in the labels that you use on your site like title tags, label header, meta tags, ALT tags, etc. This is where search engines would look on a priority basis.

• Fresh and unique content. Search engine spiders love new and unique content. Putting up fresh content regularly or on a daily basis would definitely fetch you better rankings. Don’t forget to optimize the content you use.

• Add sufficient valuable and relevant links to websites . The search engine would consider your site to have valuable content if it gets links from popular sites. Linking can be done by adding content to your site, making submissions to article directories, Making Press releases and by participating in blogs, social networking forums, etc.

• Actively take interest in being social, use social media to get your brand across to a huge audience.

• Advertising is another way you can increase traffic (You can work out a PPC plan). Once you have got this far, it’s now time to ensure that you meet the numbers. After you’ve spent so much time and effort in setting up an online business you now have to check out the metrics. A keen eye on the conversion ratio will let you know if you’re doing well or not. Here are a few tips on improving your conversion rates;

Decide how you want your conversions to be expressed.

What course of action do you want visitors to take – Should they email you, call you or fill a contact form?

Don’t keep your customers confused on what is expected of them to be done. Make it very clear as to what you want them to do on your site. A crisp and clear call to action will fetch you better returns than too many different ones. Giving visitors several options may even lead to no response at all.

Don’t leave any scope for guesswork from your client side, especially since the rest of the world is busy vying the attention of people through e-mails, text messages, social media forums, etc.

Have a clear picture of your target audience.

While designing your website, it should be done with the audience in mind, this will help you enhance the user experience which will definitely improve your conversion rates. Another thing to remember is when you are displaying your products and services, provide proper information about the same and avoid using technical jargon. Keeping your content simple makes it easy to comprehend.

Website Development Platform
This is a very important decision to take. Depending upon the type of website you require there are a number of platforms to choose from. Choosing the right platform for designing and managing the content on your website will make it easier for you to handle your site on your own as well as deliver a good performance.
Generally for blog sites Wordpress is the best open source platform, especially since it has an easy to use CMS. But if yours is an eCommerce website you could use Magento, Xcart, zendcart etc.

Website Design
Now you might think you could handle this on your own and spin up an entire website for your brand. I would suggest investing that time for something more productive like working on your core responsibilities. Leave the developing and designing to the experts as the internet is a fierce battleground and if you want to stick it out and do well you have to be the best. Only a professional design would fetch you better conversion rates.

The content on your website is obviously one of the most integral parameters for getting better conversion rates. The following pages are a necessity and have to be absolutely perfect from every aspect to ensure retention and conversion. They should also be accessible from the main navigation of your website.

• About
• Services
• Testimonials
• Contact Us

Regarding the content, also make it a point to put a direct contact number on your main page header. This will definitely get some good response. And when you put up your quote and order system, make it simple and easy to understand. And as for testimonials , image based ones work better.

Capture E-mails
After working really hard to drive traffic to your website, don’t let them leave your site without leaving an email address. This would help you generate repeat traffic at a later point of time without having to shell-out much money.

Social Media / Community Building
Improving traffic to your site would definitely help enhance the conversion rate. There’s no better option than using social media networking or community building to get more visitors to your site.

Put up social media icons on your site like Facebook likes, Google plus +1 and twitter tweets so that the user can click and share or expresses his like and show it to his circle. Connecting your site to social sites in this manner will definitely fetch you better results.

Use Google web Optimizer.
Split test your pages on Google web optimizer to track the progress of your website. You can find out what causes sales on your page, how user interact with your site , how they are influenced by changes on your site, etc.
So these were the highlights of how you can design and maintain an efficient website to fetch your online business a better return on investment.