The oldies are much tensed with the present generation because they think that the kids these days are not getting any solid education but they are just wasting their time and spoiling themselves playing on iPads, iPhones and other electronic devices. If we think, it is true at some point of context. But not only kids, we all are so much dependent on these smart phones in our everyday life. Kids are no different. How can you even think that a child can resist himself from playing games on their iPhones and iPad.

All kids love to hear fairy tales. Why we stop using modern devices when we are living in the world of technology. Why not to use modern devices instead of using traditional books. Old people will definitely say old is gold but the techno-savvy people have different opinion. What if your kids get special applications for reading their fairy tales? In fact you don’t have to read, the app will do it for you.

There are numbers of applications that have been made and each day a new app enters the market for kids in different ages. You can find different apps for kids below 6 years of age, some educational apps for kids between 6 to 12 and many more.

Apps for Toddler

1.    Gumbo: Gumbo is an animation game in which the kids have to look and peek behind the various objects in the scenery to search for the pet. Here Gumbo is a dog. This gumbo along with other pets is placed randomly behind other objects. This makes child to experience original game whenever he plays.

2.    Colorama:  This game is for the kids who are more into artistic designs and creativity. And at this point of age, every child is an artist. This game offers more than 50 drawings which your kid can color in multiple ways.  You can also save the drawing made by your child. Place the drawings in front of their bed so that daily they will realize what they have done before and what more they can do.

Educational Apps for kids aged 4 to 10:

1.    Scoops: In this game the child have to make tower with the scoops of ice-cream. This game is a bit special as it makes use of accelerometer. You can tilt your phone to make the towers from the scoops. This is something innovative and entertaining for your kids.
2.    Brain Toot: This is a game that involves simple mathematical problems that are entertaining for your kids. This makes mathematics a fun element for your kids. It is more interesting and challenging at the same time.

Educational apps for grown up kids:

1.    Scrabble: This something that is very popular and everybody knows. Made by Zynga, this particular app is one of the best ways to keep your kids busy and also they learn new words. This game is a multi-player game, so two or more kids can play this game on the same device at the same time.

2.Bejeweled: This is one more classic game for grown up kids. This game consists of a board full of gems of same type and color are present in a row horizontally and vertically both. The game is very entertaining and full of fun.

Some advantages of having educational apps for kids in your iPhones:

•    They get their brains sharp at the age of just 3 and 4.
•    Interactive games help in building their minds.
•    You can get multiple apps and games for your kids on a single device, no worries for buying new games for your kids.
•    They get better perception of information
•    The apps are very easy to use and you kids would love it.
•    These apps are not expensive. You can download it anytime on your mobile device from Google play store.

Educational Apps for kids

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