Link Between Quality of Life and a Good Memory

Having a good memory is essential to effectively maintain a good quality of life and sustain a good social life; but how many times do we pay attention to the state of our memory? How many times have you forgotten names of people you are in constant contact with? Or names of places that you visit regularly?

People facing memory problems, even at a low level, normally encounter many disadvantages; this is mainly because the memory helps us to take critical decisions in our everyday life; independently if these are private, social or business related; having a good memory will help us to take the right decision; the one that is the best and most convenient. Knowledge is power, and knowing that it is possible to improve our capabilities and make our memory more efficient is control.



It offers many health benefits and is an element that can help greatly to improve concentration, discipline and focus; by practicing regular meditation, you can achieve a great balance of mental and emotional control; the hectic world of today, particularly if you live in a busy city or have a very demanding job, often affects our brain activity; living under intense and constant period of stress will have a negative and long-term effect in our memory that can be combated with meditation.


Give your Brain a Workout
Your brain needs to be regularly stimulated, otherwise you will lose important skills, mainly the ability to remember; “use it or lose it”, is what you need to do if you want to remember your mother’s phone number, of where you have left the keys; there are many activities you can do to exercise your brain; good examples are:

Try to solve puzzles and Sudoku; especially the most difficult ones; they will exercise your brain using your deductive reasoning; plus they are fun and additive.

Learn a new language, this is the best brain exercise you can ever make; mastering a foreign language will not only help you to communicate with different people and understand different cultures but will improve your memory and use cells of your brain that are normally not active; it has been proven that bilingual people use different parts of the brains and the ability to switch from your mother tongue to another is one of the most powerful brain exercise.

Try to learn something new; it could be a musical instrument; how to draw or if you like gardening, you can learn about the properties of the plants in your garden.  The ability of your brain is determined solely by how much you put inside. Learn something new and continue to use it in order to maintain an agile mind.

 ♦ Read a book or play a video-game: the brain’s gym is the bookshop or the library; keep your mind active by reading about subjects you enjoy; and from time to time play a video game; it has been proven that it increases your brain activity.


Enhance your Memory by Sleeping on It

In order for your brain to operate at full capacity, you need to sleep well; lack of sleep reduces your ability to solve problems and concentration; having a good night sleep is fundamental, especially if you are studying, working or have an important task in the morning. 

Exercise your Body and Brain at the Same Time
It is great to exercise your brain cells daily; however, do not forget to visit the gym; keeping your body in good physical condition, will also help to maintain your brain healthy. Cardiovascular exercise regulates the blood flow in your brain. 30 to 45 minutes of light to moderate exercise daily is all you need to slow memory loss and live a healthy life; it could be a stroll in the park or a session at the gym.

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