Promotional pens are not limited to just advertising a company’s brand; they can do much more than that. They are often associated with the traditional practice of presenting pens as a corporate gift, handing them out during business events like trade shows, seminars etc or giving them to employees in order to get more business.

Most of these techniques are proven and companies avoid trying new methods in case they fail. However, the power of change is possessed only by a handful. Try to be inventive and creative in your promotional activities; do not follow the herd and create your own ideas. This will surely attract the customer, as change is always refreshing and welcomed. A pen is very useful and will be gladly accepted by anyone. It is a very convenient and practical gift.

But the constant use of promotional pens by many corporations can make you yearn for a change, as the look of the pen remains constant. You can be creative and change the designs, shape, material, and colour of the pen as per the occasion. They can be presented at various occasions and can serve as an excellent corporate gift. You just need to change the look of the pen suiting the theme of the event. This will make it more interesting and hence enhance the company’s image, as people will view the company as constantly evolving. 

For example, printed pens can also be used as seasonal gift. People are happy to welcome spring after the long winter and on such an occasion, an elegant advertising pen with a suitable colour ink like green would make a thoughtful and nice present. People will appreciate the gifts and it will create the impression that you care for them. Your pen will constantly remind them of your company as well as the occasion. Christmas is also the season of giving. You can customise your pens to suit this season of giving, as it will serve as the best gift. You can design your pen in red and add a dash of white to it. You can also enhance it with the use of ribbons or tiny bells. This will make your present stand out and will always be appreciated for its innovative design. This will help in building a brand image of your company. 

You can even present the pens to your employees, as they are your direct referral. If your employee is going on a vacation, you can present them with caps, puzzle book etc, and of course the pen. These things will make sure that they promote your company wherever they go. The employee will appreciate this gesture and earn you goodwill, as well as help in spreading your company’s name far and wide. You can also send the pens as a free gift for every purchase made by a customer. 

So, promote your company with these enhanced techniques and of course with promotional pens.