Nowadays, everyone has a blog. They are so common that no one could blame you for having a jaded view on them. But before you dismiss the blog as just another form of internet garbage, consider how they can actually help your company increase its online presence. Having a company blog gives readers something to do on your site, in other words, a reason to come back. A good blog can increase traffic (and sales) to your site and also help your search engine ranking. Here are some tips, from an expert SEO company , on how you can use blogs to enhance your SEO efforts.

1. Optimize your posts - Put the main idea of the post in the title. Repeat the key terms throughout the article, but don't force them in. Include them where it feels natural to include them. Remember that these posts should be informative and readable.

2. Update regularly - After the initial enthusiasm passes, it can be hard to keep your blog regularly updated. But regular updates are the key to keeping readers interested and coming back to your site. If you let your blogs go stale, there is really no point in even having them.

3. Include links to other pages - Your blog posts should, for the most part, cover your topic's main points. Then, for interested readers, provide links that they can follow to learn more. This is a great way to increase traffic throughout your site. Optimize your links instead of just writing 'click here', as including key terms in your links will make them more visible on search engines.

4. Video - Embed videos in your blog posts whenever you can. They add variety to your blog and are a great way to catch people's attention. Optimize your video titles so that they show up on search results.

5. Encourage reader comments - Asking readers for feedback, either by replying to a post or sending comments to the writer or company via email, is a good way to make them (the readers) feel like part of the discussion. Their blog responses, by the way, also appear on search results and push traffic your way.

6. Include social bookmarking tools - Social bookmarking icons at the bottom of posts make it easy for readers to share the posts they like with other. This increases your presence in social media sites in an organic way that doesn't cost you anything.

All of these methods of using your company blog in your SEO campaign are easy and effective. Remember to vary the topics of your posts. Write about related products and interesting related stories, in addition to your own products.