So maybe a “night on the town” is not your thing.  Or maybe you are just sick and tired of loud bars filled with obnoxious intoxicated people.  Whatever the case may be, there are many alternatives to the ever so popular night out.  Here are a couple of party ideas that might suit your fancy…

Host a game night

Okay, okay.  This may sound a little too childish for some, but hosting a game night is a perfect way to get friends together and have a blast doing it.  There are a ton of great adult party games today that are certain to strike anyone’s fancy.  Start with something like “The Game of Things” or “Catch Phrase,” which will really get people to loosen up quickly.  Other great options could include card-based games like Uno or even Poker.  These are great ways to just sit around and enjoy each other’s company. 

Have a potluck or BBQ

So my last suggestion seemed a little juvenile, and this idea may strike you as somewhat old-fashioned… stick with me here.  A potluck is a great and inexpensive way to get a large group of friends together for a party.  The potluck is easy on the pocketbook for the hosts, but is large on the fun factor for all at the party.  Guests will have vast samplings of new foods and will certainly wind up with a full belly by the end of the night.  Be sure to supplement your potluck with fun outdoor games like bocce ball or lawn golf.   

Go to a Redbox and grab the latest hit movie

Catch Phrase

Nothing beats a good movie night.  With RedBoxes popping up all over the place, it is easier and cheaper than ever to watch the latest new release.  Or, to make things a little more interesting chose a movie from the depths of your DVD collection that you once adored when you were a child.  This can be a fun conversation starter to reminisce on old movie memories, or it just might be fun to laugh at the “special effects” and cheesy acting that could once pass its way into movie theaters.     

A cheese and wine party

While this might not be the most budget option on this list, it is clearly the most sophisticated.  Have all of your guests bring a bottle of wine or a platter of cheeses to share.  If you are sophisticated enough to know how to properly taste wine, be sure to give everyone a lesson.  Another option instead of cheese and wine is a chocolate and wine party.  Many different types of red wines compliment deluxe chocolate very nicely (and I’m not talking Hershey’s).  

The Office - Season 2Credit: Amazon.comHost a TV show themed party

Pick your favorite TV show and use the characters and plot lines to dictate the happenings of your party.  For example, an often-themed party show is NBC’s “The Office.” People from around the US have hosted “Office Parties” which feature Dundee Awards and have guests playing in Office Olympics.  Take something distinctive from your favorite show and incorporate it into your party.  Do not forget to watch at least one episode of the show to complete the circle of a television show themed party.