Enjoy Bangkok with Your Kids

Advice for Adventurous Parents

For the modern family, holidays aren’t just about sitting on a beach, or letting the kids run wild for a week or two. Many parents are now using travel as a way to educate their children and expose them to different cultures. The benefits are endless and your child will learn more about our planet by actually experiencing it than they ever could from reading about it in a book. In a world where our kids' lives revolve around virtual limitations, it's actually quite refreshing to think that the real world can actually provide more.

In fact, hitting the roads less travelled with your kids is possibly the simplest way to demonstrate that reality is often stranger (and more interesting) than fiction. And it's this curiosity that modern parents are trying to instill in their children's mindsets. It's not just about exploring new places and creating memories (although these are great byproducts of adventurous travel),  it's about teaching your kids to be proactive and realise that education is not just about school books and classrooms. Education is about making the most of the world we live in, and travel will show them this. 

With more and more companies providing affordable flights to Bangkok, a city traditionally only experienced by adventurous backpackers, thousands of families are deciding to take less traditional family holidays. But a trip to Bangkok with your kids – one of the world’s busiest, loudest, diverse cities - requires a little extra planning. Here is a selection of sure-fire ways to give the kids a dose of cultural fun. Ma-kab-chan!

1. See a Cultural Thai Stage Performance at Siam Niramit
An action-packed, 80-minute live performance that celebrates seven centuries of epic Thai traditions. With 100+ performers and truck loads of special effects, this is an experience that will stay with your kids for a life time. Once the show is over, the kids can try test their elephant riding skills and learn more about Thai culture at the created Thai village.

Shows start at 8pm and there’s a free shuttle service from Exit 1 at the Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station .

2. Go Wild at Dusit Zoo
Better known by the locals as Khao Din, Bangkok’s zoo offers something totally different from your typical zoo. There are elephants, bears, lions, tigers, rhinos and crocodiles. There are even giant pandas! And of course, it wouldn’t be Thailand without a load of snakes slithering around. If you’re feeling particularly wild, you can rent a pedal boat and explore the lakes which are filled with wild lizards. Just don’t let the kids go swimming!

Dusit Zoo is open every day from 8am to 6pm. Jump in a taxi and do your best monkey impression – you’ll be there before you know it. 

 3. Enjoy a Thai Adventure at Golden Mount
For a fun and easy way to burn off some excess energy, head to Golden Mount and hike up the famous winding stairs known as Phu Khao Thong. Views of Bangkok don’t get much better than the ones you’ll find here, and there’s lots of space for the kids to carry on running around (while you take a seat and rest your legs). And don’t forget to ring one of the bells – you’ll be blessed with good luck!

The site is open from 8:30am to 5pm and is best reached by taxi (or Tuk-Tuk if you’re feling brave). Ask your taxi driver to take you to Phu Khao Thong and he should be able to get you there in no time.

3. Be Brave at the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute Snake Farm
If want to show your kids how people do things differently in different countries, then this may be just the ticket. In true Bangkok style, the daily snake handling sessions demonstrate fearless bravery. Your kids can even witness a lie venom extraction – but don’t let them try this at home.

The live demonstrations start daily at 11am, but they do close on holidays. Again, it’s probably easiest to pile the kids into a taxi and ask the driver to take you to Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute. If he doesn’t understand your accent, just impersonate a snake. He’ll work it out.

4. Explore All of Bangkok’s IconicAncient City, in a Day
No matter how much energy your kids have, they’ll never have enough to explore so much in one day as they will here. It’s said that “Just a visit to the Ancient City is comparable to a Thailand-round journey within a day.”Located in Samut Prakan, about 45 minutes out of Bangkok, you’ll find a popular attraction called The Ancient City. It’s home to dozens of replicas of Thailand’s most important cultural landmarks, and offers a truly unique chance to experience more of Thailand’s history and culture.

The Ancient City is open every day from 8am to 5pm. Either ask a taxi driver to take you to the Ancient City in Samut Prakan, or jump on bus number 511 (Pinklao-Paknam) and then bus number 36 which will take you directly to the Ancient City.