Gardening can present the perfect opportunity to spend time with your kids. Working in the garden is a great form of exercise for you, and it can also help children to appreciate the outdoors. They can be active and breathing fresh air, rather than being stuck indoors watching television or playing video games.


If you already enjoy horticulture then it is likely that you will have all the gardening equipment you need to involve your children in your hobby. If, however, you are less experienced then it is important to note that gardening supplies are generally very cheap, and are widely available from many different retailers. A lack of gardening experience should not put you off, as you can have a lot of fun with your kids just by exploring your garden.


For example, you could play a game where everybody has to find and identify as many bugs and insects as possible. Every garden will naturally have a large selection of creatures, often including spiders, snails, butterflies, beetles and ants. This is a good way to give kids a healthy appreciation for nature. It can also nurture their creativity if you suggest drawing the creatures they have found. They could even make an art project from anything interesting they find, such as leaves or pine cones.


Of course, one of the main purposes of gardening is planting, whether that be flowers, bushes and plants, or vegetables. Teaching kids about planting is a good way of explaining nature, specifically in terms of growth and the seasons. When planting vegetables kids can learn to appreciate the full growing process from placing the seeds in the ground to digging up the produce to be eaten. This is sure to be fascinating for any young children.


In addition to growing vegetables it can also be good to plant flowers for kids to enjoy. As with planting vegetables, your children will be able to see the product of their work when the flowers come into bloom. In this way flower gardening can be exciting for kids, as they wait for the day to arrive when the flowers finally open.


The growing popularity of gardening can be seen in the fact that there are an increasing number of school gardens for children to take care of. These school projects present another opportunity for teaching kids about nature and plants. School gardens are just one of the many resources for children to learn about gardening, but the best learning environment will be within their own home. This is because, as highlighted previously, you and your children will be able to spend quality time together appreciating your surroundings.


If your garden needs some work then it makes sense to involve your children in the process. It will be enjoying and educational for them, and will provide you with some much needed help. Once the work is finished you can all enjoy your beautiful garden together as a family.