Attractions in Economic Recession

With tough times, like in an Economic Recession, the focus should be on saving money and cutting expenses to keep within your budget. That doesn't mean you can't have fun. There are lots of ways to still enjoy your life while in harder times.

Having dinner and a movie at home using your DVD playeror cable TV movies can save lots of money. Everyone can contribute to dinner and take turns choosing a movie everyone likes.

You could also alter this and choose a game and dinner. Everyone pitches in for dinner and you could choose a video game or a board game.

If you like a little adventure, why not try Geocaching. This is a free activity that doesn't cost anything. You just need to be hooked up with a site which can show you where to find the treasures. Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunting type activity.

It's always wise to use coupons on activities to cut the cost of entertainment while in an economic recession. Try visiting the places online before you visit and you might find they have posted a discount coupon. Be on the lookout at stores for amusement parks coupons. If your purchase an entertainment booklet, you can save lots of money on entertainment, as well as lots of other things.

If you research membership entertainment places in your area, you may find that some have free days during different times of the week or month.If you invest in memberships for these same places you may find that local zoos or art museums have family memberships that can be used throughout the year for one membership fee.The membership fee is not too bad if you intend to use the membership on a regularly basis. These offers are worth taking advantage of. 

 Check out Things to do on the internet for your state for more resources in your area. For instance, for New Jersey there is a site called Fun things in New Jersey.

There are many links in this one site, that it would take a long time to explore them separately.

There are fun free things to do together. You just have to be creative. There is hiking in good weather. Research a list of trails in your area. There is bird watching and bike riding. Most nature centers have guide bird watching tours for free. When's the last time you flew a kite with your kids. This is a lot of fun for adults too. Kites are not that expensive and you can even make one yourself!

There are many types of Parks, Museums, nature centers, etc that have free admission in your state. In order to find the places in your state you need to do a search at the following site:





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