Real pets require plenty of attention and time, if you want them in their best possible shape and health. You don't have to have a pet at home.

The pets' fur should be:

  • brushed
  • toe nails cut
  • and their ears must be examined regularly

For girls that are too busy, but can't get enough of dressing up and grooming their pets, virtual pets will give an easy source of a grooming entertainment.

There are a lot of pet grooming games for girls that can be played online.

Dog Grooming Salon

A great game for girls who love animals is Dog Grooming Salon. You will be able to run your own salon!

It is a very busy shop where people bring their pet and let them be cleaned with shampoo and have their fur cut. This business is very big!

To begin, get to the next dog dish by clicking it (it is found on the side).

  1. For every dog that enters the salon, immediately drag them using the mouse and place the dog in the tub.
  2. After being washed, move the pet to the stool in the middle of the room. With the use of the drier, make the fur of the dog dry.
  3. Cut the pet's hair with a pair of scissors. Be extra careful not to cut everything. When done, the dog will show you a satisfied smile.
  4. Lastly, choose the accessories needed by the dog. Put the dog back to the cushion found at the lower part of the screen.

You should watch out for the time. When you are not finished in time, your shop will close and you will lose the game.

Puppies' salon

Puppies' salon is also a good pet grooming game. In this game, you will be taking over the on-vacation owner and manage the Puppies salon.

Take care of your lovable pets at this stylish spa. Various services are available like

  • Pedicures
  • Haircuts
  • Baths

Your tasks include bathing and trimming the cats and dogs that come in to give themselves grooming. Keep them happy by for caring them and playing with them.

Drag the puppies using the mouse and drop them in to the plush pillow. The dog will think of what he needs and you need to give him what he is asking for. Drag and drop the right action to the pet.

Finish all of the pups in every level before the time runs out to reach the next level.

As the level increases, the game actions quicken.

Girls of ages four and above can play this easy but entertaining online pet game.

Zoom and Groom

You can choose your own pet on this game. It can be played on the Barbie website.

Choose between

  • cat
  • dog
  • and horse.

Have some fun with Barbie as you go to the house of your pet, get introduced and ready for grooming.

Have your new pet brushed, accessorized with ribbons and bows. This game is suited for girls of 5 years old and above.

You will enjoy these grooming games for girls!

Pet grooming games are for everyone

Who said that Pet Grooming Games are only for girls?

Just because most of the popular fashion designers focus on making garments for girls does not mean that girls are the only allowed playing grooming games. Grooming games do not focus on people but on the animals. 

Pet Grooming Studio

For a professional groomer, Pet Grooming Studio is a good choice. You can dress up your cute little pets and put accessories on them as you wish.

There are different choices:

  1. either you dress up the pets in just 4 minutes
  2. or in no time limit mode

In the no time limit mode, you can groom one pet at your own leisure until il looks perfect. No stress there.

Play either with cats or dogs.

Pet grooming games like this one are all free and accessible all the time. It is suitable for children aged 7 or more - with no gender exception.

Playing pet grooming games is one of the best alternative activities for children who have always wanted to have a pet but couldn't. None of the risks and responsibilities, but all of the fun and cuteness!