In colder climates people still need to go outdoors for work or pleasure. This means you have to think about how you will keep warm and there is various clothing on the market designed for this purpose. Down outerwear is a popular choice and with the styles available most people should be able to find a look that suits them

Down filling is made from the small, soft feathers that are typically found on waterfowl such as geese. These grow close to the skin below the tougher outer feathers. The down feathers have a loose structure which helps to trap air when dry and this helps protect the bird against heat loss.

The properties of down mean it can be an effective filler material in a range of applications. Most people have heard of down filled duvets and other bedding. It can also be used as a filler material in clothing and a number of companies produce down filled garments ranging from gloves to trousers to coats.

In terms of winter clothing down filled outerwear is one of the best because of the various benefits of the material. It is a highly effective insulating material and can help you retain body heat on even the coldest of days. Clothing made using down filler can look a little bulky, but in fact down is a remarkably light material. This means outerwear made with it is comfortable and easy to wear. As a natural material, down can 'breathe' and this means it allows the release of water in the form of sweat. This helps to ensure you remain comfortable even if wearing it for extended periods.

Down is most effective when it is dry. If allowed to get wet it loses its excellent insulating properties. This means that typically down garments are more suitable in drier climates. However with a waterproof shell and liner the down filler can be protected from water. This type of outerwear can be suitable in wetter weather.

As it is a filler material, down can basically be used in most types of garments. It is a good material to use in jackets for keeping the body insulated and warm. This is where a lot of heat is lost from and a down coat is effective at stopping this. However it can also be used in gloves to keep the hands warmer and also trousers to reduce heat loss from the legs.

Down vests are a popular style of clothing to be manufactured using down filler material. These can typically be a little less bulky that a full coat and worn over a thicker sweater or top is an attractive style. It also has the benefit that, while it protects the core of your body from heat loss, it gives your arms a little more freedom. There are plenty of winter activities where this can be an advantage meaning that the vest style is popular.

If you are considering purchasing some down outerwear it need not break the bank to do so. Affordable coats and jackets can be priced around the $50 mark although if you prefer some of the well known brand names such as North Face this price can rise up to around $200.