Bass fishing requires the use of good bait. And this means bait that imitates the movements and appearance of fish as accurately as possible. Naturally, this means a variety of lures, to imitate the predominant fish in different bodies of water. And for bass, one popular fish that is imitated is the minnow. Both the live and plastic versions of minnow work well in catching bass, but the plastic version is perhaps the more hassle free option.

The Banjo Minnow is a popular bass fishing lure that helps the angler catch the big one. It features some innovations that allow it to not only imitate, but to actually induce the fish to bite it. These features include enhanced swimming cuts, a holographic lure, and a special overall design that purportedly triggers an inherent, instinctive response in fish that makes them attack and bite the lure. Hence it is dubbed as the world's first genetic response fishing lure. Upon purchase, the buyer also has the option of availing the buy one, get one promo with just paying for the additional shipping and handling.
The Banjo Minnow comes in a kit, which consists of a 110-piece fishing system. It contains lures for all freshwater and saltwater species, with some looking more realistic, while some are more brightly-colored and even glow in the dark. The kit also has various kinds of hooks, including El Sinko and Weedless hooks, as well as sets of metal or plastic eyes, weedless guards, and even a brochure and DVD to demonstrate their use.

As to the actual performance, this lure is said to behave like a wounded minnow. This swimming behavior, together with a specific, short jerking motion that is demonstrated in the accompanying DVD, is sworn by many anglers to really attract the bass. And what's more, the customizable eyes of the lure is said to attract the bass even more. However true this may be, the varying colors do help in reducing one's boredom with the lure.Skepticism is natural when considering this lure, especially if the user has had limited success. However, it helps to note the numerous positive reviews about this product, and the fact that bass fishing lures remain one of the most effective means in making the fish bite. The kit is sold for about $20.00, and the other one can be bought by paying for shipping. If the price is worth catching more fish, then trying it out may be a good start for the beginning angler.