Wasaga Beach

If you find yourself visiting Ontario this year, or you live in Ontario and are looking for the beach experience, then do visit Wasaga Beach.

Wasaga Beach is located two hours north of Toronto, Ontario, and over two million visitors visit this area every summer.

There is over 8 miles or (14 km) of white, safe and sandy fresh water beaches. This is a great place to take kids, as the beach and water is all sandy, and there is no sudden drop off to deep water, you can wade out gradually without falling into a deep hole, like many other lakes. The water is very clean, and warm and you can watch your kids play and make great sand castles, while you take in the panoramic view across the bay.

Lots of soft sand between your toes, and you can walk along the beach for hours, without dodging sharp stones or debris. Did I mention great for making sand castles?

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is the first park in Canada to be awarded the Blue Flag, with its efforts to manage this large shoreline with international environmental standards. It is a very clean beach, great for families. But it is not restricted to just families, as there are many activities for singles and teens, such as beach volley ball.

There are loads of trails for cycling and hiking and even in the winter this town will swell with snowmobile and cross country ski trails.

There are many different forms of accommodation depending on your budget.


Many campgrounds are offered. There are the simple "pitch a tent" grounds, with facilities, as well as facilities for camper vans and trailers.

Check out camping at Wasaga Beach on the Wasagabeach.com website to pre-book a site.

Shoreline Motels

There are many motels along the shoreline that offer affordable accommodation, but you need to book ahead of time, especially for the summer months.

Cottage Rentals

There are many cottages for rent, this is very popular here. If your budget can afford it, you can rent ones right on the beach front, but if you want to save some money, you can rent cottages across the road. You can still have the beach experience, but for a lot less.

Check online for cottage rentals in Wasaga Beach, there are all kinds, simple house keeping ones, to large homes for rent. As this area also has permanent residents year round. But book ahead.


The town of Wasaga Beach dates back to when it was the main route to the Great North West. This town evolved at this location in the War of 1812 when the schooner HMS Nancy was sunk in an effort by the Americans to cut the supply line to Fort Michilimackinac . There is a history center here to learn more about the history and the HMS Nancy.

The main industry was lumbering for many years. But because the area is mostly sand, it was not suitable for farming, and was not settled for a long time.

But Wasaga Beach entered the history books in 1934 when that first overseas flight from Canada across the Atlantic to England used the long flat beach as a take off strip.

During the war, many servicemen, posted at Camp Borden, would visit Wasaga Beach, and an amusement park was erected there for their enjoyment in the summer months. It became known across the country after the war.

So, although there was no farming due to the sandy soil, this little town became a great tourist attraction, because of its sandy shore. It has been a tradition for the city people to come up here in the summer, and the tradition is still going on.

Many tourists from around the world, will visit this area when they come to Ontario, Canada.

So, if you like the beach, and would like to experience the long fresh water beach in Ontario, then drive north from Toronto and follow the signs to Wasaga Beach. This is a great family destination, for all budgets. From personal experience, I find it to be a relaxing place. Even when lots of people are there, the beach never looks full. We took the kids there for years. It is a well organized place, and you can get rid of a lot of stress walking the 8 miles of shoreline and listening to the water and the birds. So enjoy the Wasaga Beach experience, but don't forget the sunscreen!