Home teeth whitening remedies are good option for those who hate to go the dentist. In the past, your only way to whiten your teeth was to have an appointment with the dentist and because some of us don't like going to the dentist often, they set these appointments aside for a later date and they forget these appointments at the end. People's fear from visiting their dentist and setting appointments to whiten their teeth has push them to look for an effective and at the same time affordable solution to achieve this perfect smile by having shiny and brilliant teeth, this alternative was home teeth whitening remedies.

Home teeth whitening products that are being sold in markets nowadays have many advantages. One of these advantages is they eliminate people fear from going to the dentist and waiting for hours to set an appointment. Also, they can be used on your own schedule and they are less expensive than your appointment. There are some people who are still relying on the old home teeth whitening methods that were used in the past. Although they may seem too old and traditional for some people today, they still give effective and decent results.

So let's discuss some home teeth whitening methods that are being used today:

1. Lemon juice pate and salt.

This mixed solution is known to remove the yellowish tint covering the teeth. Some people are applying this mixture on the teeth that have dull look. They should be left on the teeth for several minutes to allow time for the acidic content of the lemon juice to work. Regular use will also give good results.

2. Dried orange peel with bay leaves.

This mixture also can work as tooth whitener which is similar to the lemon juice paste, you should only apply it for several minutes on your teeth on a daily basis.

3. The inner part of the orange peel.

When you peel orange you will find that the color of its back is white and I'm sure that you throw it away without knowing how it could benefit you. It can help you whiten your teeth. Simply you can start rubbing your teeth by this white part and in short time you will have beautiful and shiny smile.

4. Bi-carbonate paste that is combined with water.

You can buy Bi-carbonate soda paste at drug stores or from supermarkets. Till now some people are buying them to be used for teeth whitening. They mix the paste with the water and gurgle them regularly several times per day. Using this mixture regularly is believed to eliminate the stain from the surface of the tooth and thus help you enjoy whiter and shinier teeth.

Those are the old and traditional home whitening methods that proved their efficacy and have given decent results long ago. Nowadays there are chemically made home teeth whitening products that can be bought from markets and used at home after following the instructions on their labels. The good thing about those basic teeth whitening methods is that they don't have side effects like those that are used today. Also, they are very cheap if you compare them with the products in the market today. You can try them by yourself and I'm sure that you will be pleased with the results.