Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning Tips

Dry foam carpet cleaning is really an excellent procedure to clean your carpet easily and quickly. The content of moisture is so low, therefore it's called dry foam (90% air - 10% liquid). Dry foam devices are equipped with a pressure container, where you'll pour a mixture of water and shampoo.

An air compressor will work to turn the solution into foam that's then distributed all over the carpet using a rotating cylindrical brush. The brush would be used to comb the foam throughout the piles of the carpet to ensure that each single fiber of the carpet is cleaned out.

To guarantee success, you must ensure that the bubbles being produced are of uniformed size, and so the foam could perform the cleaning process before it's distributed. After it dries, the carpet should be carefully vacuumed to take out any dried crystals that might have been forgotten.

Listed below, are the basic steps of the dry foam cleaning method:

1. First, you will need to vacuum the carpet and remove all the spills and stains that could be removed manually.
2. Blend the dry foam solution based on the guidelines of the company.
3. Wash the carpet then after it dries, vacuum it.
4. Based on the kind of carpet you've, you should groom the pile to speed up the drying process.
5. Finish your work by using a furniture leg mat or pad to remove furniture spills or rust.


The procedure of dry foam cleaning can clean a large amount of space in almost no time. There is not really any risk involved with soaking the carpet due to the fact that the moisture content is very low. This can even help you avoid the problems that are often related to over wetting.


The dry foam procedure can remove average amounts of dirt. However, there is a chance that some dirt and soil build-up remain if the appliance you're utilizing has insufficient extraction features.

Dry foam can be an excellent method if you've an older carpet and you wish to clean it as soon as possible. You could hire a unit at your nearby department or carpet retail store if you do not think you aren't going to use it too much. It won't cost that much to hire, which in turn is perfect for people who would like to try it out and see what are the results.

Dry foam carpet cleaning is not difficult to do, as you will be alright even if you haven't any experience with these kinds of units. These tips can help you dramatically, and if you stick to them, you won't face any difficulties. Dry foam could make a carpet looks awesome, provided that you stick to the company guidelines on blending the dry foam solution. Once you have completed cleaning your carpet with dry foam, you will enjoy the results greatly.