Breakfast is the most vital meal of your day.  However, a lot of us forget about breakfast.  And there are many facts that state that your mind and body would suffer if you don't get healthy and balanced breakfast every morning. 

You may spend 6 to 8 hours sleeping.  Right after that period, your entire body will need energy to start your day freshly.  Without having breakfast at your home, your choices for on the run nutrition will probably contain a lot of fat, a lot of sugar and lots of carbohydrates.  Plus, that easy run to the take-away food isn't that useful and time-saving as you may think.  The 15 or 20 minutes spent in line might have been used to fill your stomach with a lot of good and useful things at your house. 

If you're among those who ignore breakfast every day, here's a method for starting your day with an excellent morning meal that can help you keep hunger down and will also supply you with the natural power to start out your day.

1. Oats - This is a great hot meal that contains plenty of filling fibers to prevent you from feeling hungry in the morning.  Based on your taste, you could spend 5 minutes preparing it using the micro-wave.  Children will usually like the various tastes of instant oatmeal.  The night before, prepare a pot of add-ins like strawberries, blueberries and bananas as they will provide your body with many benefits and nutrients.

2. Fruit smoothies and juices - These would be great in the morning but you will know their value on a hot summer day.  You will need to mix the components together in the morning, however the prep work could be completed right before bedtime.  Cube your fruit and put it into a pot.  As an alternative to frozen yogurt in the morning, get a cup of plain yogurt.  Then add ice cubes, just a little water and blend it well.

3. Egg sandwich - The eggs could be prepared the night before and kept in a covered container.  The following day, warm up the eggs in the micro-wave.  If you prefer, you might add some trimmed vegetables or shredded cheese.  Serve on toasted wheat bread.  The night before, put 2 pieces of bread into a bag for each family member. They could toast their bread as they wake up and put the sandwich inside the bag for simple transport in the car to school or work.

4. Natural yogurt with fruit and granola - Many people prefer to eat yogurt.  However, yogurt on its own will not stop you from feeling hungry.  You can add some blueberries and granola to the blend.  This will make a wonderful breakfast idea for those mornings when you're running late. 

Have you been fighting the breakfast battle? To get yourself a filling meal you do not need to opt for a lot of fat, calories or carbohydrates. These easy and quick breakfast ideas could be made within minutes and are a better alternative to missing breakfast or grabbing a high fat meal.