If you're a newcomer to barbecuing, chances you will encounter some issues regarding barbecuing. Barbecuing, just like other things, requires some practice. Understanding your faults, plus the faults of other people can help you learn really fast.

Before you start cooking, spray your cooking area using a quality cooking spray. This will likely stop your meat from adhering when you're turning or taking it away. If the meat adheres and tears, you'll waste a lot of juice, plus your meat might dry out.

Do not ever put food over the barbecue grill till the heat is proper. The change in heat may cause the meat to dry out or burn up. If you use a charcoal barbecue grill, ensure that the hot coals are fully gray just before placing your meat on the barbecue grill. This would enable the heat to level out, and quite a few of the lighter fluid to burn.

Cooking food with charcoal lighter fluid has pros and cons. The lighter fluid may cause the food you're barbecuing to taste different from some other kinds of barbecue grills. Otherwise, trying to not use lighter fluid might result in a lot of problems as charcoal can be hard even impossible to light without using lighter fluid.

You have to carefully prepare the meat you're grilling, before cooking it. Don't ever try to cook the meat on a grill when it's still iced, or even partially frozen. Unfreeze the meat by keeping it out about 12 to 24 hours before you start cooking it, or by unfreezing it in a microwave oven. If your meat is thawed out, however in the fridge, place it out for enough time to get to room temperature.

As soon as meat is grilled, don't put it again on the same dish you put it on when it was uncooked. This might result in the spread of several harmful diseases. Don't carry out cooked meat using the same tools which you utilized when it was raw.

Do not ever poke the meat while it's grilling. Making openings in meat can cause the juice inside to leak out to the base of your grill. Not only could this make the food dry and unpleasant at the end, but it also might damage your barbecue grill. At least, it would develop an accumulation of undesired sauces and juices on the grill, that can make cleaning more challenging.

When the meat is over the grill, don't open the cover too many times. Every time you open the cover, you alter the heat range in the grill. The continual change in heat and air movement may cause the meat to dry out rapidly.

Keep in mind that the higher the temperature isn't necessarily the better. Though it may be ok to rapidly prepare food, switching heat up will probably result in drying and burning of the meat. Although using aluminum foil could make cleaning less difficult, it'll cause the food to have a fried flavor than a grilled flavor. If you're planning on using your preferred barbecue sauce, make sure to wait some time to add it to the meat. Putting barbecue sauce early won't probably cause the meat to dry up, but it may also burn.