If you want to enjoy travel more than ever then you have to travel in a way different then before. Some of the suggestions made will go against the conventional wisdom of travelling. Some will seem downright foolish to the inexperienced but if you want to have an experience like no other then read on. Some of these things will not be done by everyone but if you think you can do something then try it. After you see how much more fun your experience becomes you might just try some of the other things. What this method requires most of all is a change of perspective. This change of perspective will make you enjoy travel more than ever.

Don't Just Vacation... Learn

The first thing you need to do to enjoy travel more than ever is to stop looking at travel as a vacation. Vacation is a time to do nothing and get pampered. Travel is a lesson. Years ago travel was considered as important or more important than college could ever be. It was a way to learn about the world around and find out how to communicate and live in it effectively. If you want a vacation then that is what you will get. When you get back home, all you’ll be thinking about when you get home is how much time and money you wasted. If you travel for a lesson then you’re making an investment in yourself. Even if you learn one or two simple things, the way you live your life can change. That is what you need to focus on.

Take The Road Not Taken

The next thing you need to do is change the places you go. As much as we all love going to a resort to get pampered. It shouldn’t be the focus of your journey. At the most, I recommend only spending one or two days in a resort type environment. I typically make hotel reservations for only one or two nights of my trip. I spend the next couple days looking for a new place that I’d like to experience. I usually find something great. In some, high tourist destination areas this could be a bad idea but then again, if you’re going to a high tourist destination area then you’re probably not going to learn all that much. Instead it’s better to look for the places the tourists don’t go. Find the locals. If you’re out of an english speaking country and everyone understands you when you speak then you’re probably not far enough out. Go farther. Stay safe. But stay away from tourist destinations.

Using those two things you’ll enjoy travel more than ever. You’ll learn to travel in a different way. Where travel is not a pleasure seeking cruise but a growth experience. There will be moments when you get lost. People always get lost when they’re doing something new. That just means you’re doing it right. You’ll learn, grow, and change from the experience and travel will hold a new vigor to you that most people never get the pleasure to experience.