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     For some people, losing weight is a lifetime battle.  Doing so while on vacation is an added challenge.  Planning is the key to success.


     Ask yourself, does your destination offer lots of opportunities for walking or even organized physical activities? 

     Most resorts have pools and exercise facilities, but are you dedicated enough to make adequate use of them, or will you just lie by the pool?  Is the weather there so hot that you know that you know in your heart that you will not feel up to even a short walk?

     Visiting a foreign country often provides for lots of walking opportunities, but some people are not comfortable in strange surroundings, and only take the motorized tours, where you usually spend most of your time sitting.

     Cruises are wonderful for relaxing, and the ships have well-stocked gyms, if you have the dedication and determination to make use of them.  Cruises are also notorious for opportunities to over indulge.    

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     Adventure or walking holidays are probably the best choice for those who wish to stay or get fit, and at the same time lose weight.  On an adventure holiday, you have the opportunity to see nature first hand.  You may return to a central location at night, or you may camp along the trail.  Some tours provide a guide, and others provide maps and detailed instructions.  In many countries around the world, there are adventure holidays for beginners and others for experienced outdoorsmen.

     Consider a volunteer vacation.  These require lots of physical activity and provide you with a wonderful feeling of giving.

     Whatever destination you choose, inquire ahead of time what opportunities there are for exercise and activity.

     A travel agency will provide you with a variety of choices, centered around the type of vacation you wish.


     Choose a like-minded companion.  This will give you some moral support, and help you stay strong when temptations arise.   

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     Like-minded companions often provide the courage to try new things that you would otherwise avoid.

     If you have a like-minded companion, plan the whole vacation together.  It probably is not wise to plan weight loss goals, because it is, after all, a vacation.  It is much better to plan for healthy choices, and enjoyable physical activities, that apeal to both of you.

     * Don't weight yourself before, during, or right after, your vacation.


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          You may not be able to choose all the food you eat, but you can often choose how the food will be cooked and what your limits will be.  Many tourist locations, including cruise ships, are becoming wiser regarding their food options.  Many now offer low fat and diet choices.  Even without these, travellers can may wise, healthy decisions.

1.  Wherever you go, drink lots of water.  Start every meal with a glass of water.  Drink it while you consider the menu.  Continue to drink throughout your meal.  Avoid soft drinks, and fruit drinks.  They are long on sugar, and short on nutrition.

2.  Eat slowly.  Talk a lot.  Talk about your day, and plan the next.  Take the emphasis away from food.

3.  If you drink alcohol, make it light, and together decide ahead of time, how many drinks you will have.  Obviously, fewer are better, if you are concerned about weight.

4.  Some areas are known for their heavy eating.  Bear this in mind when planning your vacation.

5.  Limit your red meat.  Lean more towards seafood.  Have it baked, sautéed, or broiled, never fried.

6.  Decide, with your companion, at what point you will end your meals.  If you can resolve to avoid heavy desserts and there are no plain options, kudos for you.  When you finish your main course, simply rise, by mutual decision, and leave.  A walk after dinner is a healthy and relaxing choice.  However, you are on holiday, so feel free to enjoy a dessert occasionally.

7.  Avoid eating between meals.  Have a glass of water instead.

8.  If you cannot survive without snacks, bring your own.  Some dried fruit and a few seeds are a good healthy choice.


     Always walk, rather than ride.

     Enjoy each day.  If you stumble a bit, it just proves, that you are human.  Tomorrow is another day, when you can start over.

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     While planning your vacation, take a basic exercise program with your companion.  Choose something that does not require equipment.  Make an effort to do this routine every day you are away.

     If you are planning an adventure vacation, start a walking routine that will build up your stamina to the number of daily walking miles demanded.

                                           Good planning is the key to success.

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