Not everyone can leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life on Valentine's Day for a romantic get-away.

Why not turn your home into a special romantic spot for a memorable evening?

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It's nice if you can plan a nice romantic get-away on Valentine's Day and go somewhere special, leaving the world behind.  Planning something like this requires two things; time and money.  Not everyone can afford a nice retreat away from it all and not everyone can take a couple of days from work or life off to do it! 

If you use some creativity and planning you can make your own home a very romantic get-away just for one night so you can celebrate Valentine's Day in loving way. 

Whether you are using the whole house or just your bedroom for your romantic get-away, it's important to make it look and feel inviting.  Make sure your home is spotlessly clean.  When you go away and stay someplace special you expect cleanliness so why not make sure you have everything nice and clean for your romantic evening? 

After doing your basic cleaning you will want to make sure that your bed and bathroom linens are clean and fresh.  Why not go the extra mile and put on a set of satin sheets and pillowcases?  There's nothing more romantic than this!  Make them red for a very special touch.  After you have changed the bed linens spritz your bedroom, bathroom and linens with a nice smelling freshener. 

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Turn the lights off and light the candles.  Candles add a warm, romantic touch with subdued lighting and add a heavenly smell to set a romantic mood.  Set out a large glass bowl filled with water and float tea lights in it for an inexpensive lighting display.  Tea lights are very inexpensive and you can use them everywhere.  Always be careful to keep candles away from fabric and don't leave them burning overnight.  Create that romantic Valentine's Day get-away in your bedroom with soft candle light.

Set the mood with music.  Turn off the television and turn on the stereo.  Play soft romantic music that might inspire a nice slow dance or two.  Find the song that reminds you of when you first fell in love or play music from your dating days.

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Plan your food carefully.  Set the table with nice dinnerware and candles.  Or even better, eat in front of the fireplace or nestled together in your bed!  Now is the time to enjoy eating something a little different than you usually have.  Make a very special dinner that you never feel like you can afford to serve, such as lobster.  Or, keep it simple and just serve a tray of meats, cheeses and fruits that you can feed one another.  Add chocolate truffles or chocolate dipped strawberries for that extra special treat.  Don't feel like cooking yourself?  Order chinese take-out and feed each other with chopsticks right from the cartons just like in the movies!

Do you exchange Valentine's Day gifts?  Try to do something a little different than the traditional gifts such as flowers, candy or jewelry.  Why not exchange a loving letter describing all of the things you love about each other?  Make a special scrapbook of your memories together.  Include pictures and momentos you have collected through the years.  Write your special memories on each page.  Give little coupons for special things you will do for your loved one such as; backrubs, a special meal, a walk together, making a special treat, etc.  Oftentimes these gifts will be remembered and treasured much longer than an expensive boughten one. 

Do something romantic.  Enjoy a bubble bath together.  Light candles around the bathtub and pour a glass of your favorite bubbly to drink.  Plan a special evening in the hot tub together.  Enjoy a romantic movie in your bedroom while snuggling together.  If you don't have a television in your bedroom move one in for this one special evening.  Pull out the old picture albums and diaries and talk about your dating days.  Read a special story or poem together. 

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If you have children ask if they can spend the evening or even the whole night with grandma or at a friends' house.  If you can't send them somewhere else plan to feed them their own special dinner earlier in the evening and delay having yours.   If they are older, let them watch a special movie in their own bedroom before going to sleep.  You might have to plan the start to your evening a little later so you can enjoy each other once you have the children in bed. 

Planning a romantic Valentine's Day get-away in your own home is really all about spending the time to renew your love for each other in a quiet and loving way.