The legendary Marbella, the Balcony of Europe in Nerja and Malaga are just a few of the exciting beach places you will find in sunny Costa del Sol

Sunny and beautiful Costa del Sol has an average of over 300 days of sunshine during the year; this is one of the main reasons why over two million people visit this stunning coast line each year; the mild temperature, even during winter moths make it even more attractive to European tourists, especially for British travellers.

 Costa del Sol extends from the Mediterranean costs of Gibraltar, Cadiz to the coast of Malaga; the varied coastline of the area and the tourist promotion of “Beach and Sun” has been a successful in Southern Spain; a visit to one f the many beaches along the coast will not disappoint you thanks to its microclimate and the excellent service provided by the hotels located in the area, the locals are very friendly and the food is exquisite.

Costa del Sol in Andalusia








Many places have become legendary; the most visited and stylish resort in Costa del Sol is Marbella, one of the most fashionable and exclusive resorts in Spain and the whole of Europe; it is frequented by film stars, royals and millionaires; in fact, many Europeans own elegant houses and townhouses within the border of this region. There are 29 beaches in 27 miles of coastline; my favourites are Playa de Don Carlos and Playa de la Fontanilla, golden sand and crystalline water are the main components of two of the most beautiful beaches in the area; however it is just not beach and sun; the most exciting festivities, parties, themes parks and water parks are located in Marbella; if you are looking for a more adventurous water activity, you can always try jet skiing or dragon boat racing; there are many things to do, either if you come with your family or your friends.

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 One of the best places to stay if you want to explore other areas of Andalusia is Terromolinos; I stayed in a very reasonable and pretty hotel just two minutes away from the beach; it is in a convenient location not far from Marbella and Malaga. The best time to go is now, as Terromolinos is evolving into a high-rise holiday metropolis and although it will offer better services to the tourist, I particularly prefer to explore areas that are authentic and unique; the local government is spending millions on new squares, green spaces and golden sand, the problem is that it will look exactly the same as any other beach in Spain. 

Terromolinos in Costa del Sol, AndalusiaCredit: Daniel M Ramirez











On the eastern part of Costa del Sol you will find Nerja; I have to admit that one of the best views of the coast can be seen from “El Balcon de Europa”, a rocky promontory in Sierra de Almirjara. The best beaches in Nerja are La Torrencilla, with dark sand and medium waves and El Playazo, dark sand, moderate waves and crystalline water, the only problem is that it tends to be very crowded on weekends so if possible try to go on a weekday.

The Balcony of Europe in Nerja, Costa del Sol SpainCredit: Daniel M Ramirez










You cannot go to Costa del Sol without visiting Malaga; there are 16 beaches where you can swim in warm waters; good restaurants, ranging from outdoors and pricey 5 stars restaurants to very affordable stalls on the coastline; there is a very vibrant night scene as well. The highlight of Malaga is La Malagueta, this is an urban beach in the centre of the city, it is one of the most popular in the area, especially with locals but a not to be missed if you are after sun and beach.

 La Malagueta in Malaga, Costa del Sol








The emblematic and attractive Costa del Sol offers the best beaches in Spain; a good tourist infrastructure and a variety of hotels for the taste of any visitor. Tourism is one of the main source of income in the region so the services to the tourist are very high standard.  The area not only offers beach-based holidays and water sports but the most interesting and charming towns in the whole of Spain, a good example is Granada, where the most striking Moorish style building is located here. If you want to explore different areas of the region, you should read Places to visit in Spain - Andalusia


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