If you enjoy spending time outdoors in the summer months, it can be a good idea to provide yourself and your family with a comfortable place to rest. Swing Chairs can be a great choice for this and these can be a decorative as well as comfortable place to spend time. The swinging sensation can be enjoyable and it can provide a restful place to relax.

The type of swing chair you choose will depend on the facilities you have available. If there is no convenient location in your garden from which a chair can be easily hung, purchasing a free standing swing chair can be the best option. Many chairs with solid wood or metal frames are available. If you have the space available these can easily be located in the outdoor areas of your home.

Many swing chairs are sold with hardware included that can be used for hanging them from an appropriate location. This can typically include chains or ropes and it is fairly simple to install these. Some of the more obvious places that these can be hung include a porch, if your home has one, garden trees with large enough branches and patios if they have an appropriate overhead beam.

The size of an outdoor swing chair can vary. One seat chairs tend to be the most common and these can be found in a variety of materials including canvas, rope and basket. Larger seats are more typically made of stronger material and wood and metal seats are available. Depending on the size of the chair, up to four people can comfortably sit on these.

Although not as common as the outdoor variety, indoor hanging chairs are available. A common style for use in a home is the hanging bubble chair. These have been around since the 1960's and are considered a design icon. They got their name partly because the clear plastic design makes them look a little like a bubble and partly because of the floating sensation experienced when sitting in one.

As well as sitting there are also swing chairs that allow you to lie back. The hammock is the most common of this type of seat. This can be a particularly good way to rest outdoors. The swinging sensation as you lie back can be very restful and can help ease the common aches and pains that everyone suffers from time to time.

One of the more common swing seats available is made from wicker. This is one of the more attractive styles available for outdoor use. Most typically these type of swing chairs will be manufactured for manmade resin wicker. This provides the look of natural wicker with the added advantages of durability and ease of maintenance. This is also a light material which makes it easy to hang.

For the attractive and natural look that they provide, wooden swing seats are a popular choice with many people. These come in a range of sizes and one seat and larger hanging wooden chairs are available. Most people who want to make their own hanging seat will use wood and this can be a relatively simple DIY project to take on. However many are available for purchase and this can be a simpler way to acquire one.