Poker Hand
Credit: Learn Texas HoldEm

Things to Do at a Get- Together

Having a get-together is about catching up and just showing how much you love your family and friends. By just hanging out your loved ones will know that you can count on one another. By playing games brings families and friends closer together.

Outside Games

  • Volleyball- is a great game to play outside if you are into sports. There will be two teams 4-6 players and they will go on each side of the net and one of the teams will serve the ball first to get the game going, you only have to hit with your hands under of over hand. If the ball hits the ground the other team will win a point. Players will revolve clockwise. Whoever gets the majority points wins the game.

  • Badminton-There will be two teams you can choose between serving first to start playing at either end of the court. A player will serve from, and receive in the right service court when the opponent has scored and even number of points in that game. When the badminton falls on the ground the other team will get a point. The team that gets the most points will win the game.

  • Football- This is a good game to play as well. You can play tag football. There will be two teams split up. The whole point is to get to the winning side for your team and if you make it to that side without anyone tagging you, you will get a point. If someone does tag you, you cannot move. It is like you are being “tackled.” Whatever team that gets the most points will win the game.

Inside Games

  • Card Games- There is all types of card games to play. Most people like to play Poker better. You can play with real money or phony money. To play poker a player’s hand is the combination of the cards he will hold. If two players have the same hand then they will divide the pot in equal amounts. If the pool is not at an exact divisible then the left over quantity goes to the player who called the highest bet.

  • Say Anything- Is games to play as an ice-break among friends and family. You will find out what your friends and family really think of you. You will draw a card and ask a fun question. Then, the other players will write down an answer, and try to choose which answer you would like the best.

  • Spinmaster Quelf Board Game- This game is really unpredictable of a party game. It is easy to play; you will pick a character, roll the dice and move your character from place to place on the game board. When you land on different colored spaces, you then will have to complete card from five different categories. The game will progress into crazy things. There are 440 cards in different categories with a timer, and much more that comes with this game.

These are the suggestions of games that you can play outside or inside with your family and friends. Just whatever game you choose from to play at a get together, what really matters is having quality time with one another.