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When it comes to the best in home entertainment, nothing beats having a great 5.1 surround sound system. Having great audio, however, is just the first step in the process to having a great home theater. You also need to have great video, good audio placement throughout the room, and have all your home theater technologies compliment each other. So when it comes to installing a great home theater with awesome 5.1 surround sound, what are the products you should get?


First Get the Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8350

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The knock against owning a projector is the amount of power it consumes on you, making it not very affordable on the utility bills. When you make the decision to purchase an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350, you are purchasing the Epson Home Cinema 8350 designs that are created to save as much energy as possible. One of those designs is with the Epson Powerlite Home Cinema E-TORL lamp. This lamp, which has been created to stop light from diffracting or leaking, is unique because it gives you more color, uses less energy, and lasts just as long as any other projector bulb. Or there is the added 3LCD technology, which in combination of the E-TORL bulb can help save you 25% or more on your power usage on the Epson Home Cinema 8350. It's what you need to compliment your 5.1 surround sound to get the best of modern technology, the best of energy efficiency, and the best of video quality.


You Simply Get Great Video with the Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8350

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This great home cinema system features a 2.1x zoom ratio with both a horizontal and vertical lens shift that is distortion free. With this design, you can place the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 just about anywhere and still be able to get a wonderful picture. How great? At 8 feet away you can get a full resolution 80" picture, or at 12 feet away you can get a 120", and you can do it even on a blank wall. Also equipped with two HDMI 1.3 ports, the Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8350 will do whatever you may need it to do efficiently and effectively. With light adjustments at 60 times per second, there is no lag in fast pictures, and with a full 1080p picture using 2,000 color lumens and a great contrast ratio of 50,000 to 1, you simply get an excellent entertainment experience. Every home theater should have an Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8350 as the video component to its 5.1 surround sound system simply because there is nothing else like it on the market today in its price range. Once you experience the picture from this projector, you'll never go back to a television ever again.


Great 5.1 Surround Sound Can Only Come From a Bose Home Cinema Package

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If you want great 5.1 surround sound, then you want the best home theater speakers around. That means that you want a Bose home cinema sound package. The purchase of a Bose surround sound system means that you are making the decision to purchase the best sound to compliment the best home projector for your home entertainment system. Sure other systems might end up being cheaper for you, but when you're saving a few bucks on a different system, you're also making the decision to live with tinny 5.1 surround sound.


That's right - sounds have never sounded more lifelike when you purchase any Bose home theater system for your home entertainment system. The Bose Lifestyle T20 may be the very best Bose surround sound system you can purchase because it is a 10 speaker system that lets you set your Bose home theater speakers anywhere in the room. That means that even the oddest shaped rooms can have genuine 5.1 surround sound in them because you have the ability to place speakers in every corner of your room.


Bose Home Theater Speakers Use Direct & Reflect Technology

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What is the point of having 5.1 surround sound if it sounds unnatural? When you purchase a Bose home cinema sound system, you are getting the opportunity to use Bose's direct and reflect technology. This technology helps simulate in your room the sounds of a live event. Why? Because a majority of sounds are not sent directly at you. Instead, the sounds you hear are bounced off of a number of different surfaces before reaching your ears. When doing the placement of your Bose home theater speakers, Bose instructs you on proper speaker placement so that you can maximize the 5.1 surround sound your ears pick up. After all, your ears hearing a better sound means you are getting a better entertainment value, and ultimately that is what all of us want when we decide to install a new home entertainment system.


Bose Is Super Easy to Setup for Genuine 5.1 Surround Sound


The easy setup may be the best feature of them all when it comes to the purchase of a Bose home cinema system. Bose's ADAPTiQ Audio Calibration System automatically scans the area of your entertainment room and will then show you what the recommend speaker placements are. This allows you to have the best 5.1 surround sound in whatever room you may be in because having the Bose home theater speakers placed correctly equates to having the best auditory value that your money can buy.


With easy onscreen commands for other functions as well and with coming equipped with 4 HDMI inputs, the Bose home cinema system is easy to incorporate into your video projector and other equipment. You are literally taken step by step through each incorporation process with video and pictures to make sure you have installed both your Bose surround sound system and your other components correctly the first. You can rest assured that you simply get the most value for your money in 5.1 surround sound with a Bose surround sound system.


When it comes to enjoying 5.1 surround sound to its fullest extent, you need to best equipment combined with the best technologies, and the Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8350 and Bose Lifestyle T20 make a winning combination.