Campfires are great for enjoying company and telling stories. The only way to enjoy a campfire is to know how to properly set one up. Know the correct steps so you can thoroughly enjoy your fire.

First, gather your materials. Find small sticks, twigs and tree bark to get your fire started. You will also need to collect large logs. Make sure that these logs are dry. Wet or even damp pieces from a tree will prevent your fire from starting. Depending on where you are you may be able to collect newspapers and use them to help you start your fire. Obviously if you are in the middle of a forest it may be pretty tough to gather newspapers. You can try using dry leaves and pine needles to get your fire started in there aren't any newspapers available. Dead leaves also make it easy to start a fire. Shaking off any extra dirt or sand that is on the leaves is helpful because it may have a hard time starting with excess dirt attached.

Next, create base for your fire. Your base is the bottom part in your fire pit. Stack your small branches, leaves, newspapers and twigs on the bottom. Be sure that there is enough air flow and you are not smothering your fire.

Thirdly, create structure. The way the fire sits is important to enjoy a campfire. If all of the logs are thrown on top you may never be able to create an awesome fire. Creating an A-frame structure is usually the easiest way.

As your fire burns, you will slowly lose your logs. As your logs continue to burn keep adding more to your structure to keep a point on top leaving enough room for oxygen to squeeze through. One important part of a fire is making sure that there is enough oxygen. Keeping the sticks too tight and close together will not give it enough room to breathe.

By following these steps you will have an awe-inspiring campfire in no time. The more you practice starting a campfire, the quicker it will take you to make one. Campfires are great to have when hosting a party or just having a few friends over. They can create a relaxing setting that your company will greatly enjoy. Don't forget to bring out some snacks and drinks to have around your fire. This will make the night absolutely perfect.

Tips and dangers:

-Do not add plastic to your fire. Adding plastic realizes dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to you when burned.

-Keep children a safe distance away from the fire.

-Never keep anything flammable near a fire. Cars and trucks should be moved a safe space away from the fire.

-If burning outside make sure it isn't too windy and the forest fire danger is low.

-Use caution when using lighter fluid. Sometimes people will use lighter fluid if they are having problems starting there fire. It is important to keep everyone around you a safe distance away and back up immediately when you try to start the fire.