Four advices worth remembering

We can’t deny the fact we do really like to have the best stories to share while inside a conversation. Not every one of us likes to just sit there and listen to everyone’s stories, especially about something that has nothing to do about us. Well it’s not like we can just cut the person off amidst his/her talk because he/she’s talking about something that’s kind of unfamiliar and uninteresting to you, not even the slightest bit. The sad part is; though you may really like to take off and leave already in the middle of it, but too scared you might offend every one.

There can be lots of solutions out there on how to exit your self appropriately out of it. But how about you make the best of it like turning it into a stimulating and substantial exchange of thoughts, experiences, and ideas?



Practically this is the main reason why you thought about leaving outside from the whole discussion to begin with. Apparently, this is the best time where you can rip out your ideas from. Hence, the part where you synthesize and formulate your own story significantly related to theirs while listening to them. Telling stories that people cannot relate on to is like watching your self through them how you actually look like earlier before you started talking.


Speak up

The more you’re being silent the more it drives you bored. Try to contribute with something even though the topic being discussed doesn’t interest you. The more you talk, the more chances the subject might shift to another topic that hopefully be quite interesting to you.



Listen and wait for a subject that you’re really particular at during the conversation. Once the said subject is mentioned, don’t hesitate to ask more about it and there you’ll have the chance to share your views about to that matter.



You may interrupt whenever you think it’d be appropriate to do so. Just be sure not to sound rude by how you deliver it. Be direct when you actually want something to be talked about, like asking a question that can instantly change the topic. There might be someone else from the group of people you’re conversing with that actually knows about the topic that you wanted to talk about.