Good cooking is a great skill, you can impress your friends, family and enjoy a fantastic restaurant quality meal every night. There are two types of cooks, the ones that need something to eat and the ones that want to create a delicious meal. Anyone can make the best meal possible with the ingredients on hand but there are some essential rules.

Don't combine cultures. You may think that your being creative but your just being silly. Sticking to one culture is always best. For example don't make an Indian meal and serve it with a pizza as a starter. It is confusing to the palate and it's not impressing anyone.

Onions and tomatoes. These two ingredients are the basis of many fantastic dishes but there is a rule you must know when cooking them together. Always cooking your onions first, then add the tomatoes. These two go perfectly together in seafood Marinara, however you must fry the onions till they are soft then ass the tomatoes and cook down into a sauce first. The reason behind this is that when mixed with tomatoes, raw onion will stop cooking as a result of the acid in tomatoes. Nobody likes raw onion in their dish, so do yourself a favour and cook the onions first.

Lentils and Sault, like the tomatoes and onion, cook the lentils before adding any Sault. The lentils will not cook properly when Sault is present. On that note, never put too much Sault with Indian dishes. All too often the big name Indian restaurants will fill their dishes with Sault. It should not be the main flavour when there are so many rich and fantastic flavours on offer when it comes to Indian food.

Adding ingredients in a specific order may should petty but it has its reasons. Nobody likes over cooked, mushy vegetables. Adding your potatoes, carrots and capsicums before your spinach, Seafood and Zucchini will make your dish just that bit better.

For many, cooking isn't just about taste, it's also about great value for money and convenience. One meal that is definitely great value for money is Dahl. It's not heard of much and is extremely underestimated. If you can look past the appearance of Dahl, you will discover a range of flavours that will appeal to any audience. One of the great things about Dahl is the diversity in which it can be cooked. You can use any range of vegetables combined with any range of flavours. But the single best thing about Dahl is the cost. There are thousands of recipes on the Internet for you to discover.

For extra convenience, a slow cooking is perfect. You can set meals to cook through the day to be read and hot for when its dinner time. Enjoy your new cooking tips but most of all enjoy eating a new level of good food with your Family and Friends.