My family and I have recently returned from touring the south of France. We flew in to Béziers-Cap d'Agde airport and spent the first few days exploring medieval cities under the sunshine, but as the temperature climbed and the kids got restless I thought perhaps we might find a decent beach nearby to spend the rest of the holiday doing very little other than making sandcastles! I asked locally where we might find a good beach for kids and was told to check out the Mediterranean resort of Cap d'Agde.

So off we went to find this beach! Having managed to negotiate ourselves around the looping ring roads of this purpose-built resort, which wasn't too tricky as it is well sign posted, we found the tourist office to get directions to the beach. Happily I did not have to use my terrible pidgin French, because the staff are multilingual, but I was a bit flummoxed when the lady who was dealing with my request said "Which beach, sir?"

Well, all I can say is that I only wish we had had more time at the resort because the great surprise was that there is not just one beach at Cap d'Agde, but in fact eleven beaches catering to every possible need, including one for naturists if you are so inclined! (By the way, the naturist beach is quite separate to the rest of the beaches, which allows for discretion and privacy for everyone). But quite apart from the fact that there are so many beaches to choose from, the best thing about any one of the Cap d'Agde beaches is that they are all clean and safe! And I was particularly impressed with how easy it is to access the beaches - with ample parking nearby and even wheelchair access on Plage de Roquille - everyone can get right on in and start enjoying themselves with minimum fuss. We managed to visit three of the beaches during our stay, and each of them seemed to have their own atmosphere.

My favourite was Le Grande Conque, which is rather different to the other golden sandy beaches as it has dark sand and more dramatic scenery thanks to the volcanic activity that created this area. My wife preferred Plage de Roquille, which is the biggest beach in Cap d'Agde, and full of what she calls the "beautiful people" - great for people watching! Plage de Roquille was also really good for having lots of facilities and loads of watersports available.

And we all thoroughly enjoyed the underwater snorkelling trail at La Plagette beach - particularly my 10-year-old son who was in seventh heaven! Outside of the beaches, the Cap d'Agde was really brilliant for our family. There were good family-friendly restaurants, and lots of activities for both the kids and the adults, many of which we didn't have time to do. Plus, I've just found out that there are some really good campsites there, which would have been fun if we'd known that before! Ah, well there is always next time!

And for me, what I'll be going back to the Cap d'Agde for, is not just one great beach, but for the other eight that I've yet to enjoy!

Cap D'Agde