Watching the Super Bowl is as American as eating apple pie or playing baseball. However there are many people who have a difficult time letting the hype of the game ruin a good time. This simply shouldn't be the case because American football is designed to be fun for all and it should be. 

Each year the country builds itself up into a football frenzy, as the final game of the National Football League Season is played out before one of the largest television viewing audiences of the year. This can become a time when many non sports fans take a moment and pay attention to a game.

It is  because of the spectacle of the events surrounding the game that make it wearisome on many. There are hours of hype, hundreds of side stories, and many events that are created to correspond with Super Bowl weekend. This constant barrage of media foolishness can dampen the attitude of  people but it doesn’t meant that the game can’t be enjoyed. The Super Bowl is  a part to the cultural experience that it means to be an American.

It is possible to spend time talking to interesting people and eating delicious food that the game will be secondary to the experience of spending time with the people that you are with. If you don’t know anyone where you live then make some new friends. Create a little party of your own and invite some other people over to watch the game. If your place is too small, then organize an outing to a local bar to watch the game. It is the camaraderie that counts and allows for the day to become a special experience.

Another great way to enjoy the big game is not to buy into all of the hype. This is a simple choice of finding something interesting and engaging to do during the day leading up to the big game. This can be something as simple as spending some quality time with your kids, taking a walk or hitting the gym. There are many things that a person can do which will take the focus off the big game. Many times the focus is so intense and pervasive that it seems that it is difficult to see anything else. Read a book, watch a movie or simply sit quietly for awhile.

People who look at the Super Bowl as a sporting event only, but the production of the game is not just about kickoffs and touchdowns. One of the other parts is the halftime show. There is always a well known artist who performs all of their songs to a captivated audience of fans from all over the world. It is possible to love the concert and not really like the football game. 

The commercials are another reason that people watch the game with such interest. Huge corporations spend millions of dollars to have a one minute commercial air in this universe. All of the best ad executives work overtime to create a commercial that is going to resonate with a large group of people. It has become the only program of the year where people watch the commercials as intently as they watch the game. In some cases even more. 

Finally when the time for kickoff arrives for the Super Bowl there will be no reason that you can’t relax and enjoy the game even if your interest is sports is limited to this one day of the year. At the very least you will be able to participate in the water cooler talk on Monday morning about the best and worst commercials and of course you will know who won the game!