So you are thinking about enrolling in college but you are not sure where to start. Maybe you have never attended college or it has been a long time since you have stepped foot on campus. But with the current economy you have realized that to compete in today's job market you need a college education, degree, or certificate.

Your first step to enrolling in a community college is to apply for admissions. To do this you can simply walk on to your local community college campus and find the admissions office. Most community college campuses have directories located throughout that can help you find the right building and office. Now take a deep breath the hardest step is over you have walked onto a college campus!

Once you are at the admissions counter you will be asked to fill out some paperwork to be enrolled in the college. It will ask you for mostly demographic information and about your parent's education level. Once you have completed these forms you will give them back to the person at the admissions desk and in return you should receive a student identification number.

While you are at the admissions counter you will need to schedule a placement test. This is step two. A placement test is not a test for enrollment in college. It is designed to figure out where you should be placed in terms of college classes. It will determine what level you are at in English, Reading, and Math.

Now that you have enrolled in college and registered to take the placement test you will need to meet with an advisor/counselor. Many advisors have walk in hours. So walk into the counseling office and see. If they don't ask for a new student advisors phone number and email address and call or email them to make an appointment.

The next step in college enrollment is to secure funding to pay for your education. Go to your school of choice's financial aid office and ask them for their financial aid school code. You will need this code when you apply for financial aid or a loan. You can apply for financial aid and loans by visiting

Often people do not qualify for financial aid for a multitude of reasons including defaulted loans, being over income, or because of prior degrees. If this is the case talk to your financial aid office about scholarships and other grant programs that the college and your community provides.

Once you have figured out how you are going to pay for college. You should make and appointment with the department advisor of the degree or program path you chose with the new student counselor. When you meet with the program advisor, make sure they map out quarter-by-quarter or semester-by-semester how to reach your college degree or program goal. You will need this as you go to register for your college classes. Remember not all college education has to be lengthy. Most community colleges offer short-term certificates as short as one quarter (or 3 months).

Now that you have completed all of the above tasks to successfully enroll in college it is time to register for classes. Many colleges allow you to register for classes online but all allow paper registration that can be picked up from the registration office. You will need to look in a school catalog or on the college's website to figure out on what date you are allowed to register for your classes.