A work from home writers worst nightmare is to walk away from the computer and return to a blank screen. Losing content when you are right in the middle is horrible but it could be worse. As content writers we know all to well the horror of logging into a host site only to see that our articles have been lost. Panic is the first emotion we feel and it can be followed closely by rage. Us creative types can certainly be emotional creatures. If the fear of losing your work is keeping you from being motivated, and productive there are a few simple tricks you can use to ensure you don't lose anything.

Content writers who log into the host site only to find that massive "sweeps" have deleted articles often feel like the dog ate their homework. Although most of us can remember the content we have written it is hard to recall every article when you are trying to find the missing ones. Attempting to recall them all would be a bit like playing 'Where's Waldo?' in black and white; nearly impossible. We know in the content writing world things can and often will go wrong it's a good practice to prepare for that beforehand.

Write your Content Off-site

OpenOfficeBe in the habit of writing your content off-site and then uploading it. Many programs are marketed for writers for this purpose. Whether you choose to use Microsoft Word, an office utility, or a free tool like Open Office make sure you always have your content backed up.

Stay Organized

IBFolderI keep a folder for each host site I write for. In these folders I have sub folders for every article live on the site. I include a copy of the content and any images or video used as well. If I ever encounter a problem at one site I can easily remove my content and place it somewhere else. Keeping things organized in this way also keeps me from plagiarizing myself. You might ask how this can be possible but it certainly can happen in the content writing world. When it is 3 am and you think of a great idea, only to find that you thought of it months ago and placed it on another site you will know exactly what I mean.

Link Everything

LinksMake sure that the hard copy of your content contains a link where it was published. If you are unfortunate enough to have articles swept this is certainly handy. This also helps in the event that you made changes and forgot to back them up. Many times after an article is removed Google will still have an active link for it allowing you to retrieve it in its archived state.

Avoid Copyright Problems

I often screen shot my articles when they go live showing the time and date. If a site were to ever use my content without my permission I can prove the ownership of said content and fight to have it removed. There's nothing worse than surfing some random site only to find your words with someones name staring back at you.

Backup Everything

Remember to backup your backups. All your content should be routinely backed up onto disk. In the event of a computer crash, or upgrade you will have everything handy, and ready to go. This is also a fun way to see how far your writing has come over the months and years. I hope these tips help you manage the fears we all feel and have encouraged you to Write On!

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