Each month, a new contest is started at Infobarrel. Participants earn points based on the number of articles they submit and the length of the articles. Short articles are worth 1 point, longer articles are worth 3 and very long articles are worth 5. There are prizes awarded to the top three participants at the end of the contest. Competition is now quite fierce for these prizes. To win, you must publish a large number of articles in a month, at least 50.

Go to the Infobarrel contest page here for details. On the right, you will see a display of the current contest particulars. Sometimes during the beginning of a month, you may not see details for the current contest. Rest assured that the details will be posted soon, if they aren't there already. Just start writing articles. When the contest is started, you'll have a head start.

All participants, however, earn a bonus for competing, provided that they contribute enough articles. As mentioned, a long article is worth 5 points. If 21 points are earned, (4 long articles and 1 short one), participants earn a 5% boost in their Adsense placements. Similarly, 31 points earns another 5% boost in Adsense.  There is a further 5% boost if you write articles that match the theme of the contest, 1% for each one. The final result is that even a writer who doesn't even come close to winning the monthly contest will earn a substantial 15% boost in their Adsense earning ability.

Each time you post a new article, you earn points in the contest. Unfortunately, these are not instantly displayed in the contest ranking. Just check back the next day and you'll see your points accumulate. Be aware that the points are awarded for articles longer than 500, 800 and 1000 words. This can be a shock. If you publish an article of exactly 1000 words, you'll get 3 points, not 5. The word count can be misleading as well. During editting, the system may say that your article has perhaps 1005 words. When you see your score the next day, you may only get 3 points for a 1000 word article. You didn't lose 5 words but the contest scoring program might count them differently. You should try to make sure that your article is definitely over the mark. Thus, you should submit articles of at least 515, 815 or 1015 words. That will reduce the chance of missing bonus points due to word count errors.

The way that Infobarrel works is that ads display down the sides of viewed articles. Normally, an author has their Google Adsense ID displayed on 75% of the ads that are shown next to their article. Contest participants get a boost during the month following the contest. As mentioned, if you get more than 20 points in the contest, your Adsense display rate would be 80% in the next month. If you get more than 30 points in the contest, your Adsense display rate would be 85%. If you wrote 5 articles in the theme of the month, you would get another 5% Adsense display rate. You must notify the site operator in order to collect this last bonus, however.

By participating in the contests, you get the opportunity to compete for significant monthly prizes as well as earning yourself a boost in Adsense display rates in the next month. This is a great way to entice authors to contribute to Infobarrel and to let them have fun doing it. In the past, contests were somewhat easier to win. Now, with many more authors, it is quite difficult to win a monthly contest. The actual participation is fairly easy, (just submit articles), but the quantity of articles that required to win is very high now.

In order to profit from your contest participation, be sure to write fairly good articles. They will likely be fairly long, at least 500 words each. Many will be more than 1000 words. These earn you the most points. The theory behind the points for length is to encourage authors to submit longer articles. These are apt to be more useful to people looking for information on the Internet. Your articles should be well written as well. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and poor structure makes them look very unprofessional. There has even been some discussion that Google will begin to penalize poorly written articles in the future. This will not be a concern if your articles are already written to high standards of quality.

So start writing your Infobarrel articles today and keep an eye out for the monthly contests. You may not win but you can give yourself a boost. Getting the extra 10-15% Adsense display rate boost may pay off quite well in the next month. Who knows, you may even be able to earn one of the contest prizes. Good luck!